Airport at Danger Bay? Who knew?


Levasque/Peltier placed his order and then noticing all the tourists boarding the Sparrow, asked, “Are there any wilderness outfitters here?”

No, not here. There is one in Moosehead City.”

Then, perhaps I will open one…”

Season V—Chapter 5—Episode 20:

Not just an outfitter but a guide service as well.” Peltier continued.

LeVasque was having coffee at Silverthorn's Café

LeVasque was having coffee at Silverthorn's Café

Really? Come to think of it that may just fly,” Kiwi was intrigued by the idea. There was a problem with the idea, “Where would you take your clients; most the true wilderness land in the county is within the Eagle Point Band’s boundaries…”

I have permits already for wilderness explorations in Manitoba; I just want to locate my headquarters here in the village.”

And how?”

I’m a pilot. I flew in to Danger Bay Field.”

Danger Bay Airfield

“I'm a pilot. I flew in to Danger Bay Field.”

You found it suitable? It hasn’t been used since Henry Arnold passed five years ago.”

The grass needs trimming, there’s no fuel available, but the runway is in fine shape.”

Wal I kin take care o’that,” Medlar Farkleberry had been listening with no small amount of interest, from his perch at the counter. As the astute owner/operator of Farkleberry’s Star Service he was always looking for new opportunities, “An I kin help you git th’ permits ya need to set up shop.”

Medlar Farkleberry had been listening

“Wal I kin take care o'that,” Medlar Farkleberry had been listening...

Meanwhile…After our Adventurers visited the Pyramids…and a very quick very cool visit to Antarctica…

Buttons wanted very much to show off her real world home…it’s Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas Monorail

It's Vegas, Baby!

They flew past the monorail…and over the desert before finding a place to park the Adventure Bus. Buttons showed them her home and some of her favorite places.

The peopledogs just HAD to see the Strip! Although the dogs in general thought a visit to the strip was not a good idea—humans could be so impetuous when it comes to gambling—they knew it was hopeless…

Adventurers at the Golden Nugget

The peopledogs just HAD to see the Strip!

I have no idea if they actually went inside, but I do know they were all smiling when they returned to the Adventure Bus for the journey home!

Thus ends Chapter Five.

To be Continued…

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6 thoughts on “Airport at Danger Bay? Who knew?

    1. boomerjack Post author

      “T” is mighty good behind that camera of hers, I’ll tell you what. We may only wait and see about the jackets being cash-stashed… :-D

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  1. Sweet Woman

    Gamblin and a ramblin..hmm dont know if I want Alice gamblin away her money with those renegades ha ha ha knowing her she would hit the jack pot tho..she is a lucky gal! :)

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