The outlaw Boomer Jack?


Jay Cooper noted the interest McLintock took in Coldwater’s horse round-up, and waited off the road. He observed McLintock’s men mounting-up, “Mariah, how fast can you get us back to the ranch?”

Hang on tight!” She whinnied and broke into a full gallop.

Alternating between a gallop and a fast trot, she covered the miles to the Coldwater Ranch quickly and a relatively battered Cooper went immediately to the hidden room where he found Sarah & Mac, “We have a big problem.”

Season VI, Chapter 5 Coldwater Ranch, Episode 15:

Cooper told them of McLintock’s men heading (he reasoned) to intercept the round-up and ambush their people. Jay didn’t wait for Mac to make a decision, “I’m going to get Carpenter and any men he can spare.”

Big Mac smiled, “Very well, I’ll meet you at the gate out front.”

The Coopers met with Big Mac ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Wait a minute you two! There is no way I’m staying behind!”

Wait a minute you two! There is no way I’m staying behind!”

I can’t put you in danger, Sarah.”

Listen to me, Jay Cooper, I have a whole lot more experience at this than you do. And you Carl—you need to stay here and co-ordinate our operations.”

Jay, get going, Sarah will meet you at the gate,” Carl knew Sarah was right about his remaining behind—and he was too smart to try and keep Sarah from going. He simply sighed.

Soon the four of them (PepperCooper insisted on going—he was skilled at riding with Sarah) were on their way to intercept McLintock’s men—with any luck at all.

[Resolution of THIS part of Friday's “cliffhanger” must wait until Tuesday, GENTLE READER, as we must now turn to the events in Dreadwood.]

Kidd looked at how Jack was sitting, hands relaxed and away from his guns, and he thought about the wanted poster again…

I know what you’re thinking, Randy.”

What am I thinking?” Kidd hated being called “Randy.”

You’re thinking you got that wanted poster, and you are thinking of drawing down on me.”

Marshal Kidd confronted Boomer Jack ©2012 Jack Boardman

“Pretty accurate, Jack. Why wouldn’t I? You’re wanted as much dead as alive.”

Pretty accurate, Jack. Why wouldn’t I? You’re wanted as much dead as alive.”

It’s not worth the paper it’s written on—it’s the only one there is, sent only to you. US Marshal McIntyre is quite alive. We tracked you here.”

Kidd was stunned—and confused, “Why are you telling me this?”

I figure the only reason you didn’t draw when you first saw me is because you thought you might be able to convince me to work for you. A wrong assumption.”

Kidd panicked and went for his guns, alas—again Boomer was quicker, “Don’t! I’d hate to kill my new employee. I’m taking over. You want to live?”

To be Continued…

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14 thoughts on “The outlaw Boomer Jack?

  1. Chris Shouse

    Well Kidd should know better than to draw on Boomer! and Jay should know better than to stop Sarah from going rustler hunting! :)

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    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      Kidd does NOW! Of COURSE Jay knows better–but a fella’s gotta try–it’s in the “Man Code“…don’tcha know? :-D

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  2. Sarah Cooper

    Can’t get Jay to leave a comment, but he’s been reading each morning before work. He said, “Ooooh, you called me by my full name — you mean it!” :D

    Like this

    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      Well…then…perhaps you should say, “Jay Cooper, you WILL comment! These people really don’t bite!” :-D

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    1. Jack Boardman Post author

      Thanks, Susie. :-) The buckskin recently went through “eye surgery” to fix the out-of-place eye in this illustration. It appears he’s looking at Daisy.

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