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She was skeptical

Casino BannerPreviously: “Siddown Linda!” Boomer smiled, “Let’s show you what Skeedaddle can do—ALL AHEAD FULL, DAISY!

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water and quickly reached her maximum speed of 65 miles per hour—her big bio-diesel engine sending power to her four propellers at the bottom of her hydrofoils—and taking her out of harm’s way.

“You didn’t tell me about this little feature,” Linda said, “Why?”

“And ruin the surprise?”

Skeedaddle rose up out of the water

“It’s my boat—and I want to play with it!”

“It’s my boat—and I want to play with it!”

“Go for it!”

After explaining the controls, Daisy relinquished the pilot’s chair, “The boat is yours, Captain!”

Do I need to tell you, GENTLE READER, the hours of fun Captain Linda had? Continue reading

Giordano Minicucci makes his move

Casino BannerPreviously: “Yes,” replied Gypsy with disdain in her voice, “That would be the man who used his bodily fluids to contribute to my birth, but as far as his being DADDY in any sort of loving nurturing way that he was not. I met Mary once just before they shipped me off to the foster system. She did not want me around. I was surprised DADDY allowed it since he saw me as his plaything.”

Bambi laughed out loud, but Gypsy saw a flash of pain in her eyes, “Yes he wanted me to be his plaything also, I tried to tell mother about the touching and his coming in my room and staring at me while he thought I was asleep like he was just waiting for me to be ripe.”

“What did she say?”

“Hey you two—quit your jaw-flapping, and listen-up!” Boss McOsker tolerated no inattention, “We have a lot to do if we’re gonna get a piece of the action around here!’ Continue reading

“Whoa Chris! Be careful where you point that thing!”

Casino BannerPreviously: As time went on Gypsy grew more dead inside. Sent from home to home she knew no stability and nothing but unkindness in her world—that is—until she was brought, along with other troubled women, from the Twin Cities, by of all things—a magic dog, to the McOsker Gang. The others—all opportunists—quickly latched-on to a gang-member. She saw nothing in these men any different from any other man she’d ever met.

Adventure Six—CASINO—Episode Two… Medlar Farkleberry said to Chris as she left Farkleberry’s Star Service, “Drive to Boomer’s place—then look in th’ trunk—but not ‘til then.” Continue reading


Gangsters BannerPreviously: Black Cloud pulled out his communicator, “Don’t say anything—I’m calling my office.”

He put his phone on speaker and a single screen-touch later, “Hey Bill, what’s up?” A voice accompanied by a full-color image of the speaker filled the screen.

“Not a lot, Hank. I’ve made contact with some Minicucci enemies and am exploring opportunities with them.”

“Who is the guy standing next to you? That’s a mighty-cool suit he’s wearing.”

“An enemy of Minicucci—trustworthy but a bit naïve. Gotta run—just wanted to check-in.”

“Stay in touch, buddy.”

Liam McOsker was stunned to silence… Continue reading


Gangsters BannerPreviously: An hour later—at Farkleberry’s Star Service they were hassled.

It seems their car had expired license plates and Town Marshal Officer Oliver McLintock approached them as they were filling their gas-tank, “G’afternoon, gentlemen, it appears your license plate have expired. You should…”

McLintock didn’t get the chance to finish as Tomasso shot him dead with his silenced Glock 9mm.

The clerk didn’t hear the shot, nor did he see the officer fall out of sight behind the gangster’s car. Continue reading

Black Cloud

Gangsters BannerPreviously: It was then McOsker noticed a one-eyed man giving him “the eye” and he correctly decided “FBI.” It amused him a little that Mr. Minicucci had NOT noticed this fellow. He excused himself and walked around the casino. Juco had supplied them with 2014 currency, so he played—and didn’t win a dime—the slots.

After about a half hour McOsker walked out to his car closely followed by the one-eyed man.

He turned to the man, “May I help you, FBI Special Agent?”

FBI Special Agent William Black Cloud couldn’t help but drop his jaw in astonishment. Continue reading

Somewhere in Forest County

Gangsters BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—Boomer & Daisy arrived… “Ah, Daisy,” Boomer commented as they arrived at home, “Shad Farkleberry brought the boat, as promised. I wonder if Linda is up yet…”

“Check Facebook.”

In fact, Linda was up and heard them pull up. She came outside—ready to head for Silverthorn’s Café, and before she said a word—she saw the boat moored at the dock. Continue reading


Gangsters BannerPreviously: “Party?”

“Yup, a ‘coming home’ party tomorrow morning for Cap at Silverthorn’s Café.”

“Any ideas about a permanent place?”

“How do you feel about boats?”

“I like boats, why?”

“You’re familiar with Canal Park in Duluth?”

“You know I am…”

“And Crabby Ol’ Bill’s?”

“Of course.”

“I know of a similar boat fixed-up as a houseboat. I’ll show it to you after breakfast.”

All the rest went directly home to grab some sleep—save Chris, Sandra & Mandy, who held a short celebration to honor Mandy’s great work as a spotter… the acknowledged hero of the search. Continue reading

Meanwhile—In 1934

Previously: “Why not wait until we got back?”


“OK,” Larry replied, “Why?”

“Because RW Boomer just completed the illustration of a P51D-5NA, the first with the improved visibility of a bubble canopy. It had some issues with what they call ‘lateral stability,’ which was corrected in the P51D-10NA—like the one Linda is flying. That gives us three of the more common P51 variants for the museum.”

“So—essentially what’s happening here is with this conversation, we’re bragging about RW Boomer’s illustrating skills—RIGHT?”

“That about sums it up.” Continue reading

“Chris! I think I found Cap!”

Cap BannerPreviously: Ruby smiled, “ Me too Sandra, I stopped by to see Eleanor as she came in to cook today but am glad to see you.  How are things going with Mandy?”

“Oh what a joy it is to have her here and I look forward to the many adventures we can have together and the good life I know she can build here. She is on an adventure right now, in the thick of the rescue operation.  She is up in the air with Chris—what a thrill for her.”

“Oh—I can imagine!”

“Ruby—were you at the bar the night Zad was killed?”

Ruby suddenly looked very uncomfortable. Continue reading