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Jes like the old days

Trading Post Banner Previously: “There is little such prejudice in Moosehead County.”

“There isn’t now—but there is a column of troops on their way from Fort Snelling…”

“…With all the hangers-on, bringing along their prejudices,” Boomer finished the colonel’s thoughts.” Continue reading

“Ya think?”

Trading Post BannerPreviously: “We must leave here. I received word that the troops deployed from Fort Snelling have reached Duluth, and will be here in a fortnight,” Lt. Col. Cooper said, “I’ve asked the Silverthorns to misdirect them to Moosehead City—that should buy us enough time to set-up the old trading post as our outpost—but we must get started now, there is no time to lose.”

“Colonel,” Mac began, “I have orders to…”

“Not any longer, Mac,” Cooper interrupted, “I’ve called-in some favors and got your orders changed.”

“Why does this not surprise me?” Continue reading

Silverthorn’s Trading Post

Trading Post BannerPreviously: “I expect so, Dad,” Lt. Hiram Silverthorn replied, “I’d kinda like an actual weekend off in the 21st Century once in a while.”

“Not this weekend,” his father replied as most of them began to disappear—surprising Hiram only in that Susie and Larry didn’t leave, “Why are you still here?”

“I asked Cujo for a vacation in Canada, and she approved it, apparently.”

“Jimmy Hickok and I are headed out on an ‘Airstream vacation’ approved by the Beagamute months ago.”

Sandra just stood there in astonished silence. Continue reading

Meanwhile—At Silverthorne’s Café

Trading Post Banner Previously (from Chapter Three):“Say WHAT?” Boomer growled—again, “What the HELL does that have to do with anything, Corporal? You want to serve again? Just tell me why!”

“Because I’m a damn-fine corporal, First-Sergeant!”

“Corporal—grab an ale and then go through yonder door and tell them I sent you—you’re hired!”

With a very-large grin Corporal Ozzie did just that.

Hiram, Chris, Wyatt, Sarah, and Boomer grinned as Ozzie disappeared into the back room.

Previously (from Chapter Four): Chris looked over at Sandra and said, “No more talking of leaving Sandra?”

Sandra’s face lit up like the 4th of July, and she realized she did not have to be afraid ever again. She said, “No more talk of leaving, I do not have to look over my shoulder any longer.  I can finally put down roots and I am so glad it is the place I have come to love with people I really care about!” Continue reading

A Few Illustrations—if you don’t mind

I made an attempt to get Daisy to write another post—but she insisted upon an increase in her daily allotment of doggie-treats; something that just simply will not happen as she’s at her maximum allowed treat-allotment now—I find myself in the uncomfortable position of publishing a filler-post.

The easiest way for me to accomplish that is to publish a few—Upcoming Illustrations (or upcoming post “teasers”):

Sandra Peterson Banner:

Sandra Peterson Banner

Sandra Peterson Banner

Sandra didn’t see the red Mustang

Sandra didn’t see the red Mustang

Sandra didn’t see the red Mustang




Good enough?

And now to set the stage for “Sandra Peterson,” coming Monday! Previously: Quite suddenly they found they were no longer standing in the trading post…

Ozzie Washington

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “Ummm—‘Boomer’ is half my nickname: ‘BoomerJack.’ My given name is Jack Boardman.”

“Not n’more—the name I’ll be tellin’ th’ recruits is ‘First-Sergeant Boomer,’ got it?”

“Yes, Sar-Major, I got it,” Boomer already liked this guy, and judging from the smile on the colonel’s face—he did too.

“Sergeant-Major Farkleberry!” Colonel Cooper knew he had to set the pecking-order, “Shouldn’t you be reporting to me—first?”

A brief smile flickered as he snapped to attention, “Sergeant-Major Shaddock Alonzo Farkleberry reportin’ fer duty—SIR!”

“At-ease, Sar-Major, you’re hired,” Cooper said without a smile—the pecking-order was set, “Let’s get down to business.” Continue reading

Another Farkleberry?

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “If I may make a suggestion, Colonel?” Boomer had an idea—he has many—few of any value as they are often wise cracks, “As a member of the 20th Century Reserves myself, I can tell you that the majority of reservists were part-time soldiers—but the company had several full-time sergeants and corporals who ran the unit. You only need to find three or four people to fill those positions.”

“The outpost must have ten troopers on duty at all times,” Cooper said, “How many do you think we should recruit?”

“My guess would be forty—in addition to the full-time NCOs.”

“Forty? That we can do, I believe,” Cooper wondered, “Who can we recruit as NCOs?

“Farkleberry!” James Little Wolf Silverthorn exclaimed.

“Which one?Continue reading

Sar-Major Farkleberry

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “What?” Boomer asked, ‘though I have it on good authority he probably knew the answer.

“You’d look good in uniform, Jack,” Sarah Cooper her eyes a-twinkle confirmed what ol’ Boomer feared to be the truth—was in fact the truth.

“Wait, we’ve been sent here without being full-strength—we can’t afford another downsizing—CUJOOOOO!

Cujo’s answer came in a most curious way.

“Crap,” Boomer sighed, “Thanks old friend—your humor never disappoints.” Continue reading

“With my life, Uncle.”

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “I require a captain. Second in command initially, and eventually, outpost commander.”

“Who else are you talking with?”

“Anyone who will listen—and with whom I approve; all are welcome to apply white, black, native—this does not matter. What matters is heart.”

Brave Hawk was silent for several minutes, as he considered what he had learned, “You! Continue reading

Brave Hawk

General’s Orders Banner Previously: “Brave Hawk,” Little Wolf replied, “My brother—and War Chief of our people. But I think your War Department might not accept him.”

“The War Department will accept whoever I choose.”

“We shall see.”

“Oh Grandfather,” Hiram disagreed, “Colonel Cooper is a friend of President Grant and has First Nation officers and NCOs in his former command at Fort Justice in Nevada.”

“This is true?” Little Wolf was a little surprised, “Very well. I will send for him.” Continue reading