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The legend of Boomer Jack

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: A short time later, Boomer & company came upon Chris and the marshals, “We had a near run-in with some folks on the high ground five miles ahead of you. Chances are good they’ve left—but.”

“We’ll scout the hill, just to be safe,” Chris replied, “Why didn’t they attack doya reckon?”

“This, perhaps?” Boomer pulled out his new Farkleberry.

“Oh. I am SO jealous,” Susie’s eyes widened—just a bit.

“There’s one each apiece waiting for you in basement of my place.”


“I asked for them and they came by next-day-mail.”

“In the 19th Century?”

“This is a blog—not reality.”

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“This is a blog—not reality.”

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: “Can’t tell from here, but if he is—he’s only one.”

“Boys, get ready,” Caleb called-out, “We might have a target—ripe for the picking.”

Meanwhile—the stagecoach was moving at a rapid pace—the driver was too nervous to go slower—one marshal, to his way of thinking was simply not enough protection and he wasn’t paid enough to get killed.

He’d heard the reputation this Marshal Boomer had—lightning fast with that Remington .44 and a dead-shot at close-range—but even that wasn’t enough to calm his nerves.

Boomer had his eye on the hill off to their right—a perfect spot for an ambush.

On the hill—Caleb gave the order…

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“Boys, get ready…”

Previously: Caleb Smith and his long-time partner, Carson James had been at this since the war, and were quite well-off as a testament to their skill in selecting targets.

If you remember, GENTLE READER, our heroes were ambushed a few episodes ago—the men who ambushed them were never found.

For good reason—Smith, James, and company took care of that—all were now buzzard-bait. Or they would be if they hadn’t been buried where they fell.

Smith and James were not about to leave any evidence behind.

The mine was not their only hideout; there were four others. Each well-equipped with provisions.

There is still more about these two men—both are respectable, wealthy citizens of Loco Nevada who own a very-successful silver mine.

Why, exactly, are they outlaws?

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Why, exactly, are they outlaws?

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3Previously: Not finding any highwaymen on their sweep troubled all.

Then again—it IS a big desert.

They rode at a leisurely pace and spread-out a little more than they usually ride, and quieter—with no singing.


Meanwhile—at the mine-site…

Eight riders emerged from hiding in the mine and set-out to do what highwaymen do.

What we don’t know, GENTLE READER, is which way they are heading (don’t let the illustration fool you)…

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On the road again

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: “Ready to go, Festus?”

“Jes waitin’ on two more, Marshal Boomer,” the driver replied, “Is you sure th’ trail is safe?”

“The marshals and cavalry just made a sweep of the trail, so I expect it to be at least, a little safer.”

“Somehow, Marshal, that jes don’t make me feel all that safe.”

“That’s why I’m riding with you.”

“You are but one man, Marshal, an’ one lucky bullet kin git you kilt.”

“Yes—there’s truth in what you say. However, they tried that once—and failed.”

This is true, GENTLE READER, but will Boomer’s luck hold?

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Will Boomer’s luck hold?

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: They clearly were not miners.

They had no picks.

They had no shovels.

They had no cart.

What they did have—were firearms.

Firearms were not all that unusual—miners usually had them close-at-hand to fend-off claim-jumpers.

But they generally didn’t carry them.

These fellows were not miners.

They were outlaws. Inside the mine there was enough room to house fifty men and fifty horses.

This is their base of operations.

This spells trouble for our marshals—and provides an excuse for more cheesy serial fiction.

A good thing, right? RIGHT?

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A good thing, right?

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: Meanwhile—at the same time on the trail to Ft Justice… Neither the marshals, nor the cavalry found any highwaymen—anywhere along the trail.

Even with the help of the far-ranging Flutters; who once again proved that he could perform his function without once mentioning the “Master,” at least not out loud.

“I have checked the desert for twenty miles on both sides of the trail between here and the fort. I found no one—save for a couple of hapless prospectors.”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, Flutters—I do,” Susie said, “They must be out here somewhere; they can’t just disappear.”

Perhaps they can—GENTLE READER—Perhaps they can…

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“Big Sister!”

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3Previously: Deputy Marshal Hiram Silverthorn asked to remain in Loco to back-up Fitzhugh until Little-Mac McGyver returned.  

Two hours later Chris, Big Mac, Susie, Sarah, Jay, Larry Flutters and AJ were rested, fed, and back on the trail to Fort Justice—on-the-hunt for highwaymen and other scoundrels.

They would likely find some.

“Home sweet home, Daisy.”

“You need sleep, People-Dog Jack,” Daisy arfed, “I’ll stand guard.”

“By ‘stand guard’ you really mean ‘I’ll be in bed if you need me,’ right?”


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“Home sweet home, Daisy.”

Fort & Town of Fort Justice Banner 3 Previously: “Very-well, then, I’ll just have to use the Ojibwe-method of interrogation. You won’t find that very pleasant.”

The Eagle-Point Band of Ojibwe did not employ torture as a method of extracting information—but they didn’t know that, and Hiram would let them mull that over for a while.

“Okay chief, I’ll talk,” the bearded prisoner said.

“Don’t bother, I’m looking forward to interrogating you—Ojibwe-style. You had your chance.”


“Be silent. Your scalp would look good hanging from my belt,” Hiram grinned.

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“Do you guys have anything to say?”

Fort Justice BannerPreviously:

Chris, Sarah and Susie, all sharpshooters of no small skill, returned fire and managed to hit two of the four ambushers, and in so doing, thoroughly convinced the other two that pursuing the marshals was not really a good idea.

Pal’s charge last just long enough to overtake and completely surprise Larry and his captors.

Without orders or hesitation Chris dismounted and rushed to attend Boomer & Pal, while the others disarmed and subdued Larry’s captors.

They left the interrogation to Susie Blackmon.

“What took you guys so long?”

“Shut-up, Larry,” Flutters squawked.

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