Danger Bay—Episode 3—Dawn aboard the Sparrow


We’re also looking for a place,” I said as I placed my mug of really horrible coffee (Jay’s going to have do something about this) down on the counter, “to headquarter our boat and tour operation.”

I think I kin help ya,” Lar replied (and if you could see his thought bubble—it would be filled with question marks & dollar signs), “Who’re them fellers in the corner? They sure don’t have much ta say.”

Oh that’s Jay Merton & “Boomer” Jack Boardman,” I answered, smiling, “captain and 1st officer of the Sparrow. But I’m writing this story, and I won’t let them speak!”

Season I, Chapter 1, Episode 3:

by Jay Merton (writing as Molly Halloran)

A beautiful day was dawning as I stepped into the Captain’s cabin this fine Danger Bay morning. Already there were Captain Jay and 1st Officer—wait—Trigg was wearing the 1st officer’s shoulder boards!

Dawn aboard the SparrowGood morning Jay, Trigg,” I greeted, and then quickly added, “Where’s Boomer?”

Gone home,” Trigg replied, “to his REAL WORLD—you know the three dimensional one.”

I’ll soon be leaving as well,” Jay added, “This story is yours, Captain, and you need to tell it without Boomer & me hanging around (Damn fine organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French Roast coffee this morning—gotta ship some to Silverthorn)!”

Captain?” I asked,not having paid attention to a word Jay said after that, “Captain?”

Yes Molly, Captain,” Trigg answered, “and I’m your 1st officer. Jay asked me to run the headquarters, but after 35 years of pushing a desk at the bank, I’d rather be anywhere than behind a desk again. So, I woke up this morning and found this cap and shirt hanging in my locker.”

I guess Joe can run the office,” I thought out loud, “I wonder if Maggie would be interested in helping on the boat?”

I’m confident that you’ll get it all handled,” Jay said, “I really must be off, I need to draw another ship’s officer, and to make Lenn happy, some cars & trucks for the village.” And with that, Jay disappeared.

Did I tick Jay off with what I wrote yesterday?” I asked, “You know, the part about not letting them speak.”

Nope,” Trigg replied.

How do you know?”

Simple, Jay controls the ‘Delete’ key!”

To Be Continued…

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8 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 3—Dawn aboard the Sparrow

  1. Ambrose says:

    Thanks for springing unkle Medford, its good to have him home


  2. jaymerton says:

    Medford’s all yours.


  3. Ines says:

    ooohh! spify outfits, I mean uniforms!


  4. jaymerton says:

    Spiffy, indeed!


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  6. Jack Boardman says:

    Reblogged this on The PORT OF DANGER BAY, MINNESOTA and commented:

    Archived Post from Aug 1, 2007


  7. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh my there really was different kinds of conversations going on 🙂


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