Danger Bay—Episode 4—Jay & Boomer visit Danger Bay

and meet Hiram Silverthorn!

by Jay Merton


I’m confident that you’ll get it all handled,” Jay said, “I really must be off, I need to draw another ship’s officer, and to make Lenn happy, some cars & trucks for the village.” And with that, Jay disappeared.

Did I tick Jay off with what I wrote yesterday?” I asked, “You know, the part about not letting them speak.”

Nope,” Trigg replied.

How do you know?”

Simple, Jay controls the ‘Delete’ key!”

Season I, Chapter 4, Episode 4:

The following morning…

Boomer & Daisy in front of Silverthorn's CaféJay! What have you done?” Boomer exclaimed after stepping out of my house, and on to the boardwalk outside Silverthorn’s Café here in Danger Bay.

As he, rather befuddled, came back through the door, not to my home office, but to the café, I said with a big smile, “Welcome back to Silverthorn’s!”

You really are out of control,” Boomer cracked as he walked up to the counter, “to have dragged me into one of your fantasies.”

Jay Boomer & Daisy at Silverthorn's CaféIt takes a bit of imagination on your part,” I quickly rejoined, “for you to realize you are here and not in the real world.. You must have needed a visit.”

So, you’re the famous Boomer Jack,” Hiram Silverthorn greeted, “I remember you sitting with Jay at the table by the front plate-glass window a few days back.”

I’ve been here before?” he replied, and then continued, “Jay, was I part of this before?”

You must not be reading my posts,” I answered with feigned insult, and then turning to Hiram, “You were saying before my young surprised friend came in?”

My grandfather started this restaurant,” he continued, “after leaving the hopelessness of the reservation in the forties, to start a new life. He struggled for a long time—first to be accepted by the locals, and then to establish this place. It helped some that he became friends with old Phineas Farkleberry, whose gas station brought in tourists.”

I have a friend who runs the bus service on one of the northern reservations,” Boomer chimed in, “he says things are improving there.”

You must be referring to Mike,” Hiram rejoined, “he does a great job with those old buses. And yes things are improving. With the small profits from our casino (the bands closest to the Cities make the big bucks), we are returning the money to invest in the res.”

How so?” I asked.

Investing in our schools, job training, abuse counseling, alcohol abuse prevention, police & fire,” he explained, “We have a long way to go, but Grandfather would be amazed at the changes there.”

Do you ever think of moving back?” Boomer queried.

Our home is here,” he answered mildly, “but we visit there every winter over Christmas. I want my kids to know the old culture and learn our history from the tribal elders, so every summer they spend three weeks on the Res with my cousin. They love it.”

So, how’s business here?” I asked.

Better than its been since they straightened 61 five years back,” Hiram replied, “moved it out of town 6 miles east, and killed most of our business. If it wasn’t for Farkleberry’s station, we’d have gone under. And now Molly’s cruise outfit may bring in more business. Oh, and before I forget, thanks for the new organically and shade grown, fair trade, (various blends) coffee source you set me up with Jay, I’m selling lots of breakfasts with that fine coffee.”

Yah-sure, you betcha!” I said as I drained my mug.

To Be Continued…

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13 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 4—Jay & Boomer visit Danger Bay

  1. Beautiful graphic Jay!!! I hope all is well with you my friend.


  2. Lysa says:

    Oh I like where this is going! I also like that Daisy can go in the cafe too!


  3. Ines says:

    That back shot with the pony tail is great! Can’t wait to see the front.


  4. gotbob says:

    I am seeing a resemblence of “Cars”…Who gets the voice over from Larry the Cable Guy?

    Boomer can’t leave until all the ancestors have been documented and documented and then documented somemore!!!!


  5. jaymerton says:

    BB: Finer than frog’s hair!
    Lysa: Hiram Silverthorn knows Daisy goes where we go, and understans the “delete” key. 😉 (They’re here, not over there)
    Ines: Front shot only if he comes out from behind the counter.
    Bob: He’s doing that on his own, comes here to unwind.


  6. Ann Cummings says:

    A “ponytail”??? I thought that was just a faceless guy with a gray tie on!

    I LOVE the new graphic – beautiful! You betcha!



  7. jaymerton says:

    Ann: I’m not happy with the way Hiram’s graphic turned out, so it is back to the drawing board for him. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Sarah Cooper says:

    Always feels like visiting a friend. 🙂


  9. jaymerton says:

    Granddaughter: AND like having a friend visit!.


  10. Jack Boardman says:

    Reblogged this on The PORT OF DANGER BAY, MINNESOTA and commented:

    Continuing to reblog the ancient posts…9 Aug 2007…


  11. Chris Shouse says:

    Loving all these 🙂


  12. Daisy Boardman says:

    I sure was funny-looking back then! BOL!!! AR-ROOO!!!


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