Danger Bay–New Characters Arrive–Episode 5

by Jay Merton (writing as Molly Halloran)


So, how’s business here?” I asked.

Better than its been since they straightened 61 five years back,” Hiram replied, “moved it out of town 6 miles east, and killed most of our business. If it wasn’t for Farkleberry’s station, we’d have gone under. And now Molly’s cruise outfit may bring in more business. Oh, and before I forget, thanks for the new organically and shade grown, fair trade, (various blends) coffee source you set me up with Jay, I’m selling lots of breakfasts with that fine coffee.”

Yah-sure, you betcha!” I said as I drained my mug.

Season I, Chapter 4, Episode 5:

Jay & Boomer in front of Silverthorn's CaféThe next morning finds Jay & Boomer enjoying their mugs of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French Roast coffee on the boardwalk of Silverthorn’s Café. Medlar Farkleberry has just opened his “Star Service” station (full service only, thank you very much).

Jay said they were not going to be part of this story, but I guess the draw of Danger Bay is too much for them! Let’s listen in—

Nice & quiet this morning,” Jay observed, “I see Lar is already open for the day.”

Dark,” Boomer added, leaning against his car, “not like in the city with all its light pollution, gotta love it.”

I need a refill of this fine organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French Roast coffee,” Jay said as he turned to go inside the café.

Wait fer me fellers,” Lar shouted as he ran up to join them, “I’m ‘bout ready fer some java m’self!”

Inside Silverthorn's Café When they entered the café, they found Trigg Guudlender, Maggie Dokic, and Cyber-Daisy, all except for Daisy enjoying their mugs of (never mind—you know this part). Hiram Silverthorn and his son, Hiram Junior at the counter, and Hiram Junior’s twin, Sam behind the counter were already there.

Also at the counter was a familiar looking fellow in a maritime uniform.

You look familiar,” Boomer said, a quizzical look on his face, “don’t I know you?”

Maybe,” the large fellow replied, “name’s Mac, I’m the chief chef aboard the Sparrow.”

Carl McIntyre,” Jay shouted with glee, “you old reprobate! I thought you were too busy since the “Codgers” broke up for this sort of thing.”

The ‘Real World Carl’ IS too busy,” I said, “but I convinced the Cyber-Carl, as ‘Mac’ to help me out on the Sparrow.”Ines arrived at Silverthorn's Café

And then the café door opened, and in walked…

Hey I know you,” Jay greeted with a big smile, “You’re…

To Be Continued…


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11 Responses to Danger Bay–New Characters Arrive–Episode 5

  1. Maggie Dokic says:

    I love that Cyber Carl’s not too busy for an appearance. Now as for who just walked in the door, you’ve stumped me! You crafty codger you. I’ll have to tune in next time, same bat channel to find out. =)


  2. jaymerton says:

    Maggie: Perhaps my drawing is not so good..you know her.


  3. gotbob says:

    Looks like Peep!


  4. Lysa says:

    Yay! Old Mac Is Back! Can’t wait to see who else is too!


  5. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Nope, not Peep. You bot the gender correct, though.
    Lysa: Cool, Huh! I had to ask the real Carl if I could use his cyber-self for this, and he liked the idea.


  6. George Souto says:

    Jay you are being a real tease …….. LOL
    So now I know that Trigg Guudlender, Maggie Florida, and Cyber-Daisy are among the cast of characters, but you are going to make us wait to find out who is coming through the door. Very Soap Opera like …… LOL


  7. jaymerton says:

    George: I’m waiting for my “victim” to stop by and perhaps see herself. Then again, the drawing may not be quite that accurate.


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  9. So where, oh where, is Ines today?


  10. jaymerton says:

    Not lost in cyberspace we hope! Actually as we speak she is outside Silverthorn’s.


  11. Daisy Boardman says:

    NOW the funny-looking me has a funny looking cap on! AR-ROOO!!!


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