Danger Bay—Episode 13—The Tour!

by Jay Merton (writing as Molly Halloran)

Our guests were all settled in and enjoying the decaffeinated version of our extra-tastyorganically & shade-grown, fair trade, custom Danger Bay-Roast coffee, and various beverages contributed by “swigs!” (formerly know as “Shadbush’s Saloon” and now owned by Ines) as a way to promote business.

“Feel free to enjoy the upper deck,” 1st Officer Trigg Guudlender announced, “It’s a lovely moonlit evening.”

“Aw, we LIVE on th’ Lake,” Lar Farkleberry replied, “I’d kinda like ta explore this big boat, if ya don’t mind.”

The other guests murmured in agreement—there’d be plenty of time to go on deck later.

Meanwhile crewmen “Howell” & “Gilligan” were in the pilot house…

Three hour tour ©2007-08 Jay Merton & New Codgers

Tour View from the Pilot House ©2007 Merton & BoardmanThe guests, after a couple of hours exploring the boat, went out on the deck to enjoy the evening. All too soon the tour was over, and the Sparrow was safely docked in the harbor.

For most, it was a nice uneventful cruise!


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16 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 13—The Tour!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I am so far behind … and these graphics are simply STUNNING. You do such good work, Grandad!


  2. gotbob says:

    Graphics are the bomb…

    Visitor # 2


  3. Lenn Harley says:

    Goodness, this is getting to be like a Star Trek adventure. “Poof”???? Iceberts?, Desert Isles”, all on the same cruise??? Poof??
    I’m not sure I want a ride on this cruise. I’ll think about it.


  4. When did this turn into Ice Road Truckers?! LOL


  5. Lysa says:

    Graphics are great! POOF! I missed the POOFS!
    Are they are covering up some text?


  6. jaymerton says:

    Sarah: Thank you. Boomer is learning quickly how to do it as well.
    Bob: From a master of photo-shopping, this IS a real compliment.
    Lenn: The term “Poof” comes from our “Cross Blog Adventures” on Active Rain. You’ll be quite safe on a fishing trip–I know the head writer!
    Peep: Today.
    Lysa: Check our answer to Lenn about “Poof.”


  7. George Souto says:

    POOF I am here, or am I, hard to tell. See Jay I told you that Desert Islands on lakes were OK. But Deserts and Icebergs at the same time, not that’s imagination.


  8. jaymerton says:

    George: Molly’s still in trouble! We’re up to 58 hits – still shy of the 74 she needs (she thinks she needs, anyway).
    Yeah we found some extraordinary things on that cruise, but our guests were blissfully unaware of them.


  9. Ines says:

    I hope I provided some Brandy Jay-Merton’s for the passengers!

    Every time I come here I leave with a big smile….thanks for that!


  10. jaymerton says:

    Ines:You’re welcome. I hope the cyber you enjoyed the cruise! Do you suppose all those strange sightings had anything to do with the refreshments from “swigs?”


  11. Ines says:

    Ha!! I knew there HAD to be a logical explanation. When all else fails, blame the liquor!


  12. jaymerton says:

    Bonnie: Using the “Poofs” in this post, I made the mistake of not explaining what they represent (the instant move from one place in cyberspace to another), as established in our cross-blog adventures in the old “Café Conversations” iteration of our AR blog—and just assumed that it would be understood. We’ll not discuss that word “assumed” further! 😉
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  13. Lysa says:

    Oh I remember the POOF’S from your travels around the country and missed them! For some reason the day I originally read this the graphics were covering up the text :(. Now it’s all purrfect!


  14. jaymerton says:

    Lysa: Yeah, this blog is best viewed in Firefox. I had to reduce all the graphics to make it work in Explorer.


  15. Carl McIntyre says:

    Thanks Jay, you made me look 25lbs slimmer in that graphic!


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