Danger Bay—Episode 14(b)—Spending Labor Day in Danger Bay II

By Jay Merton

It is a warm & humid 70ºF Saint Paul, Minnesota morning on my back porch on this day after Labor Day. After a fine holiday weekend, it’s back to work for Boomer, and back to the (computer) drawing board for me.

Meanwhile, back to Danger Bay—where time has no meaning—the conversation at Silverthorn’s Café continues:A familiar face enters Silverthorn’s ©2007-08 Jay Merton & New Codgers

If you’ll recall, yesterday’s episode ended when yet another familiar character appeared at the café…

“Is this where we meet for the boat trip?” came a voice from the entry. The familiar voice belonged to former Codger Fred Jaworski.

FRED! I shouted in greeting, “Wait—who are you now? Are you still Fred? Or, like Carl and this old goat to my left, have you assumed yet another phony identity?”

“Still Fred,” he replied with a smile, “The identity I used as a Codger will do just fine here. So, when does the boat tour leave?”

“Nine o’clock,” Boomer answered, “Still plenty of time. How did you find out about it?”

“Molly emailed me.”

Jay! Molly’s completely out of control!Boomer exclaimed, “Fictional characters simply do not send emails to real people!”

“Molly does,” the Codger piped up, “It would seem you imagined a too-strong character. Meanwhile, back on the farm in the thirties…

“Wasn’t that farm in Owatonna, Minnesota,” Boomer interrupted, smiling, “south of Medford?”

Fred & Codger at Silverthorn’s ©2007-08 Jay Merton & New CodgersCodger,” I broke in with exasperation, “knock it off with the interjecting of inappropriate tag-lines, and Boomer—you just HAD to use the banned M-word, didn’t you! This is simply not advancing this Danger Bay episode”

Gentle Reader, perhaps after I get some modicum of control over the real and imaginary characters this story may be…


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8 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 14(b)—Spending Labor Day in Danger Bay II

  1. gotbob says:

    You are going to need a wider blog template…more characters? And real characters at that! The cafe is going to need an addition on it. This town is getting crowded.


  2. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Perhaps a town constable to enforce room capacity limits?!


  3. Ines says:

    The “M” word!! How dare he! – and Molly e-mails real people……not bad. : )


  4. jaymerton says:

    Ines: I must not have given her a good memory – she continually forgets that I have a “Delete” key close at hand!


  5. Molly reminds me of the Star Trek series when the little nano species took over the Enterprise computer. They, and she, have/had a mind of their own!


  6. jaymerton says:

    Bonnie: I remember that episode—Nano-Molly? Naw…


  7. Lysa says:

    Nano-Molly or Data-Molly gone wild? 🙂 Weee Doggies! How fun is this! Maggie just may have to become the Marshall and Broker 🙂


  8. jaymerton says:

    Data-Molly gone wild? That sounds like a “B” movie title–advertised on late-night TV!


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