Danger Bay—Episode 16—Trouble’s A-Comin’!

By Molly HalloranImage of Silverthorn’s Café ©2007 Merton & Boardman

From our last episode:

“Boomer,” Fred suggested, “is here, right?”

“Boomer’s not a Codger!”


“Why indeed?” the Codger asked, and then added, “He’s certainly curmudgeonly enough! And he seems to always be around.”

“Curmudgeonly?” Boomer asked, “I’m curmudgeonly? Sometimes I feel old, but I’m no curmudgeon!”

“Curmudgeonly!” the Codger exclaimed, smiling, “Just get you taking about politics, and you can be damned curmudgeonly.”

“There is that, I guess,” Boomer surrendered, and then smiling, “But unlike you, M—ummmm, Codger, I’m not stuck with it as a permanent personality trait.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” the Codger smiled.

“Okay then, it’s settled,” Jay concluded, “Boomer’s officially a Codger.”

Meanwhile down in Two Ports, at the western most point of Big Lake, in his spacious office on Superior Street, we join Sig Hanssen owner of Big Lake Cruises, speaking his operations manager, Allen Stanley “Big A” Simpson.

“Whaddaya mean not sold out!” Hanssen roared, “We always sell out the last long cruise of the year!”

“It’s true, the Viking Explorer II left Twin Harbors last night,” Big A replied, “thirty passengers short of a sell out.”

“How many reservations?” Hanssen asked.

“Sixty,” Big A, looking at a printout of the manifest, “and there were ten walk-ins—still thirty short.”

“We usually turn people away from this cruise,” Hanssen murmured, “Do you suppose it’s the economy?”

“Competition,” Big A replied.

“WHAT COMPETITION?” Hanssen roared, yet again.

“The Sparrow Big Lake Cruise Company,” Big A replied, “operating out of Danger Bay.”

Danger Bay? What is that?” Hanssen snorted.

“Danger Bay is a former fishing port,” Big A answered, “about twenty miles up shore from Twin Ports.”

“Well then,” Hanssen smiled, “Get your ‘big a’ up there and check it out. We gotta squash this bug.”

“With pleasure.”


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15 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 16—Trouble’s A-Comin’!

  1. Lenn Harley says:

    Ahh, the drama. I sense a media blitz from the Big Lake Cruises folk. Sounds like they’ve had the market cornered until now.

    The top dog of the cruise competition just could be determined by which cruise ship offers the best coffee

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


  2. I wanted to compliment you on your work. I read the signs on the wall, you’ve done a stellar job with the graphics and detail!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I have to back up the girls that commented ahead of me — coffee as the deciding vote would be a hoot and your graphics are STELLAR. (Good word, Chris, perfect!)


  4. jaymerton says:

    Lenn: Now it wouldn’t be right to divulge how Molly & Co. get out of this fix. Hadn’t thought of coffee as the determining factor….
    Peep: Thank you very much. As I write this, Boomer is at home redrawing his cyber-self from scratch. We’ll see if the Grasshopper surpasses the “Master” (LOL).
    Blog-Granddaughter: Thank you!
    Thank you all for stopping by. 🙂


  5. gotbob says:

    Maggie to answer you’re question on the other post…

    I don’t think it all age Maggie… You have to be a Curmudgeonly Character too. You’re too nice so give it up.


  6. Ines says:

    A little friction from the competition!! I like it! And congrats to Boomer for being accepted into the CODGER KINGDOM!


  7. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Be very-very careful how you comment—you MAY be next. 😉
    Ines: “CODGER KINGDOM?” Oooooh—who’s King? I gotta draw “Big A” now!


  8. Carl McIntyre says:

    Oh Boy! I think I’m going to enjoy this fight! I can’t wait to meet this “Big A!”


  9. David says:

    I have just begun to read your stuff, and I really enjoy it. However, I feel like I have walked into a party late and missed some important stuff. What are Codgers? What is the story here? I need to catch up!


  10. jaymerton says:

    Carl: Hi partner! How was your trip to Alabama?
    David: This particular story line is contained in full within the category “Danger Bay Stories” in the categories section to the right. The story of the Codgers can be teased out on our AR blog. The best I can suggest is to look at our old AR blogs to gain what you seek.


  11. Ines says:

    did you know today is Maggie’s birthday?


  12. jaymerton says:

    Ines: It was? Oh-boy, better get to her blog and extend our good, yet belated, wishes!


  13. Lysa says:

    Hmmm … looks like it’s going to get a little dicey on the Big Lake! I feel bad for those guys that are going to attempt to squash Molly! HA! They’ll never know what hit them.


  14. jaymerton says:

    Lysa: We may just see round one tomorrow!


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