Danger Bay—Episode 20—New Boat Arrives!

By Molly HalloranImage Boomer’s Back Porch Boomer, Daisy, Jay, © 2007 New Codgers

OK—so this isn’t our usual format for a Danger Bay story—DEAL WITH IT1

Boomer and Jay are here on Boomer’s back porch enjoying their usual “Danger Bay Collectible Mugs” of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French-roast coffee, on a grey 61ºF Saint Paul, Minnesota morning. Both the old coot, and the almost old, but coot none the less, really need the coffee to get their collective few remaining brain synapses, synapting! Let’s listen in:

“Did ya ‘Get-R-Done’ yet?” Jay asked and then continued, “You’re already a day late!”

“It’s sorta done,” Boomer replied, “It’s not completely done, but she’s docked in front of ‘Farkleberry’s Chandlery’ where Shaddock will fit her out as a charter fishing boat.”

Finally!” Jay smiled, “good thing you don’t bid on government contracts—they’d never tolerate a day’s tardiness.”

“She came in under budget,” Boomer retorted, “I think they’d tolerate a day late if the project were under budget.”

“Speaking of a day late,” Jay, still smiling, wondered, “When is the Sparrow due to return from Blackfish Bay?”

“Anytime, now,” Boomer responded, “But then again—time has no meaning in Danger Bay.”

“So, I think it’s time,” Jay said.

“Time?” Boomer asked, “Time for what?”

To see the boat!” Jay replied testily.


Fishing Trawler ©2007 New Codgers

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10 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 20—New Boat Arrives!

  1. Lysa says:

    Well Done! She’s a beauty!


  2. gotbob says:

    Looks like plenty of seating for the tourist.


  3. jaymerton says:

    Lysa: Thanks. Still have get it rigged as charter fishing boat.
    Bob: Them’s fishin’ seats–you betcha!


  4. Maggie Dokic says:

    I don’t know a thing about boats but she sure does look pretty! Jay, your graphics just keep getting better and better!


  5. Ines says:

    I’ve gone on charter fishing boats here in Miami (deep sea fishing) for dolphin (Mahi-Mahi not the pretty mammals) and it’s soooo much fun. I like red.


  6. jaymerton says:

    Maggie: It’s soooo great to have you visit! I made the background, Boomer drew the boat. He’s been helping with the graphics for a couple of weeks now.
    Ines: I’m glad you pointed out that you weren’t chasing Flipper! (Whew!)


  7. She’s beautiful and soooo clean! Not like any fishing boat I’ve seen lately! Oh, that’s right. She’s new!


  8. jaymerton says:

    We don’t let our Gentle Readers close enough to see the dirt.


  9. Sarah Cooper says:

    Boomer is learning from the master!! It’s beautiful.


  10. jaymerton says:

    Sarah: I’ll make sure Boomer sees your comment.


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