Danger Bay—Episode 21—After the Vote!

By Molly Halloran

From Episode 19: “And with that, Allen Stanley Simpson departed, leaving the stricken Mayor Gamboge in his wake.”

The following morning finds Hiram Silverthorn, Shaddock (Shad)Silverthorn’s Episode 21 ©2007 New Codgers & Medlar (Lar) Farkleberry, and Hiram (Jr. known to most as “Hy”) Silverthorn enjoying their mugs of organically & shade-grown, fair trade, Danger Bay custom blend coffee at the counter of Silverthorn’s Café. Notably missing from this early AM meeting of the minds are the mayor, George Gamboge, Ines & the Codger (thought to be cleaning up from the post meeting get-together at “swigs!” last night), Sarah, owner of the general store, whose absence is noted, but unexplained.

“I think we made a big mistake last night,” Shad said replacing his mug on the counter, “That was a heck of a deal offered by Big Lake Cruises. Woulda made a big difference here.”

“You really believe that, Shad?” Hiram asked, “Do you really think those folks can be trusted?”

“Sure,” Shad answered, “Mr. Simpson made sense to me. And so did the mayor.”

“Wal, I don’t think they was lookin’ out fer us,” Lar piped up, “George was against it ‘til he talked with the bigassed feller by hisself.”

“That’s ‘Big A’ Lar,” laughed Hy.

“I think thas what I said,” Lar replied.

“It was his eyes,” Hiram thought out loud, “his eyes betrayed what his mouth was saying—he was not truthful, at least not completely.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Shad concluded, “we’ve lost an opportunity, and they’re gonna make the offer to someone else, they’re gone for good.”

Shad was wrong!


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9 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 21—After the Vote!

  1. Ines says:

    Shad was certainly wrong! I say DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!! (can you imagine my latin accent mixed with a Minnesota accent???? oh no….that would be a dissaster)


  2. jaymerton says:

    Ines: Shad was doubly wrong—wrong about Big A—and wrong about Big Lake Cruises being gone for good. I’m sure they haven’t played all their cards. There is a Minnesota-Latin accent, I suspect—we have had a large and vibrant Latin community here in St. Paul.


  3. gotbob says:

    I am sure that we haven’t heard the last of that Bigass fellow!


  4. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Gotta have conflict for a story of this high caliber! LOL 😉


  5. Lysa says:

    I know “Big A” will be back, sigh……


  6. jaymerton says:

    Probable, but not yet written.


  7. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m left wondering where I am …. more to read!!


  8. jaymerton says:

    Oh Sarah, you will return and all will be explained. 😉


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