Danger Bay—Episode 22—Danger Bay Hijacks “Our Saint Paul!”

By Molly HalloranJoe’s Café ©2007 New Codgers

It was a moderate 57ºF morning as Boomer & Jay entered their new Real World café & coffee shop expecting to meet up with Carl McIntyre and Fred Peterson, and enjoy a few “Danger Bay Collectible Mugs” of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, French-roast coffee, and discuss what’s important to them. They saw Carl and Ambrose already at their usual place at the counter (Joe’s is sooo small—all they have is a counter).

Both were delighted to see their friends—especially Jay, who on the way over, bet Boomer a dollar that they’d be there. It seems that last night Ambrose, Carl & the missing Fred invited our heroes out for a beer. Because they’d be out quite late, both guys declined. Jay was mentally counting his big winnings (it’s hard to get a buck out of Boomer)—he thought his friends were there—he was mistaken!

“Mornin’ Carl, Ambrose,” Jay greeted with a vey wide smile, “Where’s Fred?”

“Hey, what’s with the uniform, Carl?” Boomer asked, puzzled by Carl’s clothing.

“Carl, Fred & Ambrose are still quite asleep,” “Carl” replied, “they were out ‘til 9:30 last night.”

“But, you’re…” Jay started to protest—then it registered WHO he was talking to, “WAIT! YOU CAN’T BE HERE!

“You’re talkin’ to me” Mac smiled, “so I would guess we can be here.”

“Or—you’re losing your mind,” laughed the “Codger,” “big loss!”

“MOLLY!” both Jay and Boomer exclaimed as one, and Jay continued, “Where’s that ‘Delete’ key?”

It gets better!

Well, look who ‘popped’ in!” an obviously delighted “Codger” exclaimed, “Hello Hiram!”


Hiram Pops In ©2007 New Codgers


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4 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 22—Danger Bay Hijacks “Our Saint Paul!”

  1. Carl McIntyre says:

    See you at Joe’s tomorrow!


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  3. Lysa says:



  4. jaymerton says:



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