Danger Bay—Episode 24—Danger Bay Hijacks “Our Saint Paul!” Part III

By Molly HalloranPopping in to Silverthorn’s ©2007 New Codgers

From Episode 23:

“You need to come with me,” Hiram declared. RIGHT NOW!

“But…” Jay started, but Poof—they were gone!

It took a few seconds for the natural disorientation of traveling to and from the Real World and Cyberspace to dissipate, and a still recovering Boomer said just a little shakily: “Silverthorn’s—I think.”

“Welcome guests!” Ines, enjoying her mug of organically & shade-grown, fair trade, Danger Bay custom blend coffee at the counter of Silverthorn’s Café, greeted with a very large smile, “Good of you to ‘pop’ in. Nice trip?”

Just wonderful!” Jay said without missing a beat, “Took no time at all.”

“We’da been here sooner,” Boomer, picking up on Jay’s quip said, “but we HAD to stop at those gift shops to get some souvenirs of our trip.”

“There must be a reason,” Jay questioned, “for our being…called here so unexpectedly…right?”

“Yeah, where’s Molly?” Boomer chimed in with his own question, “I REALLY want to see her!”

“I’ll just bet you do!” exclaimed Hiram, smiling, “She’s on the Sparrow. It’s my arms, my face, and my height.”

“What about them?” Jay asked.

“My upper arms are too short, my face too broad, and I’m too short!” Hiram complained.

“Yeah,” Hy chimed in, “I’m a little on the stubby side too.”

“AND,” Hiram, remembering Joe’s Café added, “we have no napkin holders or salt and pepper shakers here—what’s up with that?”

“Jay,” Boomer, with a wide smile offered, “seems the cyber-natives are restless.”

“So it would seem,” Jay replied, “Whatever should we do about it?”

“How about this?” Boomer queried, and then:


Hy & Hiram go Poof ©2007 New Codgers

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8 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 24—Danger Bay Hijacks “Our Saint Paul!” Part III

  1. Ines says:

    I better shut my mouth before I am “poofed” too!! Have I told you how much I like my Cyber character?? It’s just perfect! : )


  2. jaymerton says:

    Ines: Poof you? You must be kidding! You are one of two AR folk who regularly visit and comment [sigh]. Still, a happy note, our daily hits are slooowly trending up without linking from our AR blog!


  3. gotbob says:

    Poof…Commenter #2. Good to hear stats are picking up. Poof… back to my humdrum life.


  4. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Careful – your caricature is not too difficult to conjure up. BTW: One “Pops in” and when one leaves – “Poof, they’re gone!”


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  6. Lysa says:

    Just playing catchup! 🙂


  7. jaymerton says:

    Better run! We’re crankin’ them out!


  8. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m following Lysa a few days late, enjoying my coffee and catching up … !


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