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“Danger Bay” Needs Your Help!

By Boomer Jack Boardman Good morning Gentle Readers! Our “Danger Bay” series needs your help! We will soon begin a story line that will require sea-to-shore photos of possible stops for the MV Sparrow on her way to Miami. Her … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 29—Preparations…

…for Sparrow’s longest voyage! Story inspired by Bob Carney. By Jay Merton At the same time Sarah Cooper was telling Ines Hegedus-Garcia of her adventure, directly across the road at Silverthorn’s Café were gathered: Sam (behind the counter), his father … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 28—Sarah’s Adventure in Cyberspace

Story by Sarah Cooper (of ActiveRain and under construction, The Putnam Scoop) (Takes place just following the events of Episode 27) Ines hears all kinds of stories as she pours the drinks over at Swigs, and I’m sure a lot … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 27—Swigs (continued)!

Story By Ines Hegedus-Garcia From Episode 25: “…and Mac sensing things were about to get out of hand, was just turning to face Big A, when he was hit by a well-aimed beer mug…” Mac, stunned, grabbed the table-top and … Continue reading

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Danger Bay—Episode 26—Swigs!

By Molly Halloran This episode takes place after “Return to the Real World—Old Men & Coffee Shops” (a continuation of Episode 25). Today we find the following folks of Danger Bay gathered that evening for a little relaxation at “swigs!” … Continue reading

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The Codgers discuss Danger Bay at the Café (Tuesday)

As Boomer & I ambled from his house over to Joe’s Café for our almost daily meeting, we were greeted by a temperature of 58ºF, at least according to Boomer’s replica “Pruett’s Pig Powders” thermometer, and we could clearly tell … Continue reading

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