Danger Bay—Episode 27—Swigs (continued)!

Story By Ines Hegedus-GarciaImage of “swigs!” ©2007 New Codger

From Episode 25: “…and Mac sensing things were about to get out of hand, was just turning to face Big A, when he was hit by a well-aimed beer mug…”

Mac, stunned, grabbed the table-top and was shaking his head trying to recover from the unprovoked attack, and I was incensed that such a thing could happen in my place, much less in Danger Bay. I ran to intercept Simpson who was moving towards Mac:

Whoa – whoa gentlemen!” I said very firmly, “there will be no beer spilling within the confinements of my bar!”

Hey lady,” Simpson said loudly, “Butt out! This is none of your business!”

Have you totally lost your mind?” I said, standing directly in front of Simpson, looking defiantly up into his face, “I don’t know about the rest of Danger Bay but you are no longer welcomed at Swigs!

Molly, rightly sensing I might need a little support moved quickly towards me while calling out, “Hy, Sam, Trigg, Lar—c’mon! Ines needs our help!

Even Sarah, her eyes flashing, ran over to help, as Molly continued, “Let’s escort Big A to the door!”

Surprisingly enough, Simpson allowed himself to be escorted outside without resisting.

Mayor Gamboge standing there shaking his head said “Ines, this cannot be good for business.”

“I’ve never liked that guy from the first time I laid eyes on him,” I replied, “I was waiting for an excuse to banish him from Swigs. Now to celebrate! Drinks for everyone – on the house!

No one noticed that Mac had left Swigs until we heard what sounded like a scuffle outside. It was over as quick as it started, and Mac returned, his large face decorated with an even larger grin.Image Smilin’ Mac ©2007 New Codgers

Hmmm—wonder why he’s so happy—oh never mind, I think I know!


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27 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 27—Swigs (continued)!

  1. Carl McIntyre says:

    I feel so much better! I wonder what the cyber-me did to Big A?
    Carl (Mac)


  2. gotbob says:

    Whoa… don’t mess with the ladies of Danger Bay. “Swigs” Bouncers!!!! (Nice job to the Guest writer, one of the top 12 women Bloggers!)


  3. jaymerton says:

    Bob: We are sooo honored to have such a writer!


  4. Ines says:

    Carl – I am also wondering what you did, I guess we’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out!

    You got that right BOB….don’t mess with the ladies of Danger Bay! ……maybe I do need some SWIGS BOUNCERS (hear that jay?) : )

    The honor was mine – I was thrilled to be invited…..it was fun to put BIG A in his place.


  5. Ann Cummings says:

    Boy, have I been missing some fun over here in Danger Bay!! Looks like Miss Ines may finding herself a NEW voice!!

    So, I’m wondering just what Carl did out there to Big A…….. hmmmmmmm


  6. Ines says:

    Ann – I’ve been serving mixed drinks all over the place since Jay gave me the pleasure of having my own virtual bar….I found out I am an “in-the-closet-bartender”


  7. RealtyScoop says:

    HERE you all are …
    Well “Closet Bartender” … What’s up with all the ruckus!?!


  8. gotbob says:

    It Friday and Happy Hour at Swigs!!!


  9. jaymerton says:

    Ines: What Carl did may not be spoken of here…no graphic violence. Bouncers? You have friends! Although it may be fun to draw some knuckle-draggers. You may write for us anytime!
    Ann & Mariana: We’re having a lot of fun here! Danger Bay every Friday. Thanks for visiting and come back again.
    Bob: Absolutely!


  10. Maggie Dokic says:

    lots of excitement and I missed it! LOL I finally figured out how to organize my bookmarks so I should be stopping by more regularly from now on. ROFL

    Great story Ines!


  11. jaymerton says:

    Maggie: Happy to see you! Ines did a really fine job with the story.


  12. Linda Davis says:

    Ines – don’t quit your day job but sounds like you might have a good back up if things get rocky!


  13. jaymerton says:

    Linda: Writes a mean post AND mixes a wicked appletini!


  14. Ines says:

    Linda – LOL!! I’m enjoying my “cyber closet bartending” ….and my signature drink is the Jay-Merton-Alexander!

    This was fun Jay and the gang….you guys are awesome.


  15. jaymerton says:

    Ines: The hits on this blog more than doubled yesterday making it the best day ever here so far! You must be magic!


  16. Very nice Ines and dangerous too.


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  18. boomerjack says:

    Teresa: Just exactly what does that mean? Dangerous work? Dangerous to post here? Or both? 😉


  19. Lysa says:

    Sounds almost as good as a Holly Hill Fight on a Friday Night! (I always miss those too, thankfully!)


  20. jaymerton says:

    Holly Hill fight?


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  23. jaymerton says:



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