Danger Bay—Episode 29—Preparations…

Silverthorn’s Preparations ©2007 New Codgers

…for Sparrow’s longest voyage! Story inspired by Bob Carney.

By Jay Merton

At the same time Sarah Cooper was telling Ines Hegedus-Garcia of her adventure, directly across the road at Silverthorn’s Café were gathered: Sam (behind the counter), his father Hiram Silverthorn, Sparrow First Officer Trigg Guudlender, Captain Molly Halloran and Chef & Pilot Mac McIntyre.

“Mac,” Hiram said looking at Mac’s right hand, “your knuckles look a little scuffed.”

“Ummm, yeah, they are,” Mac said quietly.

“Well?” Trigg, with a large smile, encouraged.

“I’d rather not say,” Mac rumbled.

MAC!” Molly said ominously, “I think you’d better explain yourself.”

“I, ummm,” Mac began, “had a little chat with Big A, outside Swigs.”

“And—the knuckles?” Trigg asked.

“I got in the last word, I guess.”

“So, what brings you all in here this time of night?” Hiram queried, “Besides Mac’s knuckles.”

“We’re working out some of the details,” Trigg smiled, “of our longest voyage.”

“Really?” Hiram replied, “Where to?”

“First, we’ll visit all the Big Lakes,” said Molly.

“And then,” Mac added rumbling, “traverse the seaway to the North Atlantic.”

“Where will this voyage end?” asked Sam.

“We’ll hug the Eastern Seaboard of the States,” Trigg continued.

“Making stops along the way.” Mac added, smiling.

“Along the way to where?” Hiram insisted.

Miami!” Molly answered with gusto.


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16 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 29—Preparations…

  1. Bob Carney says:

    Well looky there…I was an inspiration!!! Someone tell my kids, they just think I’ma Dork.

    Can’t wait to see where the Sparrow pull up a long the east coast. We might have to stir up some gentle readers to host their port call.


  2. carlmac says:

    AT LAST! I know what happened with Big A! I like it!


  3. Ines says:

    I knew what had happened to BIG A! You go Mac!
    The Sparrow is coming to Miami??? Yeeee Haw! (that’s not something we use in these parts by the way)…..COOL!


  4. Lysa says:

    I’m just giddy as a school girl that Mac got to “chat” with Big A :)! I’d sure like a turn at him myself… grrrr
    I hope the Sparrow stops here on her way south!


  5. jaymerton says:

    Bob: Wherever we’re invited.
    Carl: 😉
    Ines: Need a good photo from sea towards land to place the Sparrow into. (hint, hint)
    Lysa: We’d be delighted to stop at Daytona Beach.


  6. Lysa says:

    I think I’d be more delighted!! 🙂


  7. jaymerton says:

    Lysa: Ya think? 🙂


  8. sgtmajcarl says:

    Boomer, Jay,
    Thanks for the invitation to join this outfit. I bet you guys thought I wouldn’t bite, right?


  9. boomerjack says:

    Carl: A-Ha! I win! I told Jay that you’d accept the invitation!


  10. Lysa says:

    Oh this is going to be too much fun!


  11. sgtmajcarl says:

    Hi Lysa, This is my first opportunity to reply as a member of this blog (they gave me the keys 🙂 ). I think you’re right, I’m looking forward to this story line.


  12. Lenn Harley says:

    Hey, it looks like Trigg is planning to pass by my area. If he decided to detour up the Potomac River to Alexandria, let me know and I’ll come out and wave.

    Alexandria is only about 45 miles from me. Try to make it in the middle of the day. Otherwise I could be stuck in traffic for a couple of hours.


  13. boomerjack says:

    Lenn: I’m certain Trigg would insist on that detour.


  14. My dream retirement! You stole it! All I need to fulfill my retirement dream is the boat, the crew, and good health! Can’t wait to travel along with you.


  15. boomerjack says:

    Bonnie: Ines sent us some great sea-to-land photos of the Miami coast to place the Sparrow in Miami.


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