Danger Bay—Episode 31—Ports-of-Call!

By Jay Merton

Yes, Gentle Readers, I DO still write on this blog! I asked Boomer to handle the political posts of the past week or so, but now it’s back to Danger Bay!

We have two story lines running concurrently: the tale of Sarah Cooper’s adventure in cyberspace (written by Sarah), and the planning for the Sparrows longest voyage, written by Boomer & I. Sarah’s adventure will conclude on Monday, Nov 12 (that’s RIGHT, Monday), and the voyage planning line will end today.

If you’ve never read our Danger Bay Stories, and don’t mind cheesy melodramas, take the time to visit “Danger Bay Episodes,” where you will find links for the entire series in easier to follow chronological order.

Silverthorn’s Episode 30 & 31 ©2007 New CodgersNow, for today’s episode:

We find our heroes at Hiram Silverthorn’s café. From left to right: Sam (behind the counter); Maggie Dokic, MV Sparrow’s business manager; Sam’s father, Hiram Silverthorn; MV Sparrow’s first Officer, Trigg Guudlender; Sparrow’s Captain, Molly Halloran and the Sparrow’s chef & pilot, Mac McIntyre. They continue to plan:

From Episode 30:

“We’ll close the village until we return,” Hiram said, “this IS cyberspace, and we can do that!”

Continued today:

“I should have known that,” Molly, slapping her forehead in a “well-duh” manner said, “I live in cyberspace, I knew that!”

“As it stands now,” Trigg looking at the draft itinerary, “we don’t yet have any ports-of-call along the chain of big lakes, or the Seaway. Our first port-of-call is Gales Ferry on the Thames River off Long Island Sound in Connecticut.”

“Hey, that’s near Ledyard,” Carl rumbled, smiling wide indeed, “we can visit…”

“…We sure can,” Maggie interrupted, with an even wider smile, “I can’t wait!”

“If you will let me continue,” Trigg interjected, with just a hint of irritation, “after that, we are scheduled to visit Chesapeake Bay, and even motor up the Potomac River.”

Wow,” Hiram exclaimed, “lots of history there!”

“From there,” Trigg continued, “we’ll make ports-of-call at Daytona Beach and Miami.”

Just then, the door to the café burst open and Sarah & Ines arrived, just a little out of breath.

Hey everyone…” Ines began.

And Sarah finished: “…Look who’s arrived in Danger Bay!

Everyone turned to look, and as the shadowy figures entered the light of the room they saw…


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13 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 31—Ports-of-Call!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I can just BARELY stand the suspense!!! 😀


  2. jaymerton says:

    Sarah: I JUST BET you can’t!


  3. Lenn Harley says:

    I feel like the fly on the wall must feel.


  4. boomerjack says:

    Sarah, Suspense, eh? Sure…OK, if YOU say so! 😉
    Lenn, multiple views from an odd angle–cool! Thanks for visiting!


  5. miamism says:

    I am soooo glad we only need to wait until Monday and not Friday! thanks Sarah!


  6. Lysa says:

    Jay did you used to be a writer for Dallas? You are too good at these cliffhangers!


  7. boomerjack says:

    Ines: Me too. But Jay & I have some drawing to do.
    Lysa: 🙂


  8. Lysa says:

    Ok, I’ve never been excited about Monday’s before, but…
    Is it Monday Yet????


  9. jaymerton says:

    Lysa: I am as well! It’s already here in draft mode, waiting to be deployed! 😉
    Better still, I just completed Friday’s episode, and it too is here in draft mode…I can’t stay away from the series!


  10. Maggie Dokic says:

    woooooo hooooooo! I get to meet Carnac…er, I mean Linda!

    And reading these late provides one solace, I don’t have to be held in suspense. #32, here I come!!


  11. jaymerton says:

    New episode tomorrow!


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