Danger Bay—Episode 32—Sarah’s Adventure—Conclusion

Episode 31

By Sarah CooperCooper’s 12 Nov 07 ©2007 New Codgers

As you may remember from our earlier post (Episode 28), I was telling Ines about my Poofing-and-Popping adventure.We’d just gotten to the good part when there was a (not so) surprise cliffhanger ending.

As we left off last time, I was telling Ines about how I *Popped* into a parking lot full of motorcycles.I could hear blues music and was just beginning to realize where I was when suddenly *POP!* — someone else suddenly appeared in the parking lot!

“Well?” asked Ines.“Who was it?”

“You’ll never believe this, Ines!” I said.“It was … Bob Carney!”

I thought Ines was going to fall over, she was so surprised.She looked at me with her mouth hanging open for a second, and then said:

“Well?What did he say?”

I laughed a little and continued my story.

“At first he looked totally flabbergasted!He wondered how he got there, what was going on … but you know, he’s a regular reader of Danger Bay, so it only took him a minute to decide to just go with it and see what happened.”

Ines giggled and nodded.Yep, she knew the feeling.

Iron Horse 12 Nov 07 ©2007 New CodgersSo Bob and I decided to go inside and see what was going on.We walked up to the building and noticed it said The Iron Horse across the front of it.That’s what we thought!!We’d learned about it through Active Rain, because …

Ines guessed it, “LYSA!

Yes, there was Lysa Napolitano, RIGHT THERE in front of us!How likely were we to just POOF and POP right into her territory!She gave us a great big hug and introduced us to her friends.

It seems that we were just in time for a big event. A HUGE group of bikers was about to leave that morning from Daytona to Danger Bay, on a fund raising ride called “Iron Butts for Boobs”.It was to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. And yes, we got to ride back with them!

Ines was so excited!She wanted to know, asking, “Bob and Lysa?Are they HERE, in Danger Bay?Now?”

“But of course!” I replied.Cooper’s 12 Nov 07 ©2007 New Codgers

At that moment they walked through the doorway with huge smiles on their faces.There were hugs all around and we realized there was something very special about having our Active Rain friends here with us in Danger Bay at this very special time …

We saw the lights were still burning across the road at Silverthorn’s Café. I could see Maggie Dokic in the window of the café, so we all went over.

Ines went in first, with me following closely behind.

Hey everyone…” Ines began.

Silverthorn’s Café 12 Nov 07 ©2007 New CodgersAnd I finished: “…Look who’s arrived in Danger Bay!

Everyone turned to look, and as the shadowy figures entered the light of the room they saw Bob & Lysa.

Maggie’s wide smile became wider as she rushed over to greet her AR colleagues and friends. A full-blown party was just beginning when:

Plenty of time for this after we get under way!” Captain Molly said in her outdoor voice, but with a big smile as well, “Lets finish up, and meet at the Sparrow in the morning!

To Be CONTINUED…Getting Underway

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24 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 32—Sarah’s Adventure—Conclusion

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Bob and Lysa look GREAT!!! This is going to be one fun trip! I can’t wait! 🙂


  2. jaymerton says:

    It begins on Friday!


  3. Bob Carney says:

    Bob Carney on Danger Bay…I am truly honored. I can’t wait to see where I Pop up next!!! You guys are great. The graphics are superb!


  4. jaymerton says:

    You have learned well, Grasshopper! Your “Blatancy Meter” is nearly pegged! Welcome aboard. (Look closely at the AR graphic–on the upper deck near the stairs–called a “ladder” in nautical-speak, and you’ll see your tiny self)


  5. Missy Caulk says:

    Love it, you guys sure have fun.


  6. miamism says:

    To think that I haven’t met most of these people in person and it feel so great to meet them in Danger Bay. Great story Sarah! (I have met Lysa in person, she’s one cool woman).
    So the Sparrow leaves on Friday! And with a great group of people, it will be a fun ride.


  7. miamism says:

    OH! can I pick on Bob now that he’s in Danger Bay? You know some people are just “buggable”! : )


  8. Lysa says:

    I can’t believe I have arrived in Danger Bay and am with all these great people! Love the Iron Horse Roadhouse and the signs on the wall, the graphics are awesome! Thanks so much gang!

    Oh, and the coffee is as good as you’ve been telling us!


  9. Bob Carney says:

    “buggable” that was not in my compensation contract. [rereading fine print]


  10. jaymerton says:

    Missy: Yes we DO!
    Ines: As far as Boomer & I are concerned–you may pick on Bob all you wish! I really can’t wait for the voyage!
    Lysa: Welcome aboard! Boomer and I are delighted you are here!
    Bob: Read the very fine print! 😉


  11. lysasplace says:

    Bob, reread the real fine print under the fine print… you missed paragraph 19a


  12. brokerbryant says:

    Hey guys just stopping over to see how the gang is doing. Looking good!!! I really need to get over here more often but alas……..that damn work keeps getting in the way of my fun.


  13. Jason Sardi says:

    This is classic stuff! Great work Jay, love the new Carney character!!!


  14. lysasplace says:

    Thanks Jay and Boomer! I am so excited to be here! Where’s Daisy? I need a puppy hug 🙂


  15. jaymerton says:

    BB: All work & no play…need I say more?
    Jason: Carney was an easy draw according to Boomer.
    Lysa: Daisy is on the upper deck of the Sparrow graphic on our AR blog.


  16. boomerjack says:

    Everyone (including the ‘retired’ Jay): Thanks for stopping by. I, unfortunately, had a typical “Manic Monday” away from all computers!


  17. miamism says:

    Jack – “manic mondays”….that has such a great ring to it……what can I do with that? hmmmm


  18. boomerjack says:

    Ines: “Manic Monday” was the title of a catchy pop song of the 80’s by the Bangles “Just another manic Monday – Wish it were Sunday…”


  19. Bob Carney says:

    80s flashback and feathered BIG hair. Members only jackets, boomboxes, Jordache jeans, oh man…


  20. Ines says:

    I remember that song!! Now you have me singing Jack! I was thinking Miamism Manic Mondays……but it wouldn’t work, we are all so sane here in Miami.


  21. jaymerton says:

    Boomer would have to mention that song! When it was popular I WAS working Monday through Friday, and I would find myself singing that song…or “Monday, Monday (can’t trust that day)” by the Mommas & Papas. Now I have an “ear worm” (when you can’t get a song out of your head) for both songs!


  22. Maggie Dokic says:

    ooooooh, Bob and Lysa look great! And Sarah’s a great writer for Danger Bay! I need to come here more often. =)


  23. jaymerton says:

    Maggie: Yes, yes you do! We love your visits!


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