Codger Archives—Codger Lodge Post—May 2007

By Jay Merton

Sometimes we like to present an old post from ActiveRain—this one represents the forerunner to our current Danger Bay series, Enjoy:

20 May 2007: Codger Lodge on Sunday—Because it’s Warmer than the Real World St. Paul!

Cyber Codger Lodge, 20 May 2007 ©2007 New CodgersThis fine Sunday morning, we are enjoying our fine porcelain, not china, but made in China, Codger Collectible Mug filled to the brim with organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, Sumatran-roast coffee, at our respective homes. Medford, as usual, is here at my back porch where Pruett’s informs us it is 43ºF, and our lens-assisted eyes tell us it is cloudy.

Not so at the Cyber-Lodge! It is a sunny 72ºF, with a light breeze off the cyber Lake Superior (at the real Lake Superior, at Knife River, where we have placed our Lodge, it is a very brisk 30ºF & partly cloudy—[[shudder]]). So, why wouldn’t we hang out here—at least for this post?

Again today—since we have little else to post about—at least that we WANT to post about, we’ll regale you with a couple more new or modified photo-graphic combinations.

The first is a modified Cyber Codger Lodge full view, at the top of this post. It features a docked Pegasus II, the crew, Codger-Mascot Daisy, and Carl’s smoker/barbeque, in which Carl is preparing a fine meal for later in the day.

The second, below, is a close-up of the same photo-graphic. This features our custom Codger characters up-close & personal (note another replica Pruett’s Pig Powders thermometer over my shoulder)!

And finally, this is a new big map of our little corner of cyberspace. This details character Maggie Florida’s new home (the former Cyber-Codger Lodge), and the new Cyber Codger Lodge.

Lodge Close-up & Cyber-Map ©2007 New Codgers

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9 Responses to Codger Archives—Codger Lodge Post—May 2007

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    🙂 I drank my first cup of coffee this morning from my Codge Lodge mug.

    Coffee ALWAYS tastes best in a Codger Collectible Mug. Mmmm!


  2. Bob Carney says:

    Nice to see some history…I am sure it was hard


  3. jaymerton says:

    Sarah: I may just make a Collectible Mug featuring AR/Danger Bay folk!
    Bob: Not too hard to find a archived post about having nothing to post!


  4. lysasplace says:

    I remember this post! Seems like so long ago …


  5. Ines says:

    I remember it also – I absolutely LOVe the lodge and the background…….definitely one of my favorite graphics.


  6. jaymerton says:

    I wish I had saved the original Word version of the Lodge! [[sigh]]


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  8. Sarah Cooper says:


    (Sorry to yell.)


  9. boomerjack says:

    Not to worry. Jay & I are giving thought to the design. It will be produced.


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