Danger Bay—Episode 34—“Big A” in Danger Bay

MV Sparrow passes Breakwater ©2007 New Codgers

By Boomer Jack Boardman

From Episode 33:

“I’m glad we have the search confusticator,” Sarah said quietly, as if not to disturb the fog, “I’d worry about my store and not be able to enjoy all this—it is beautiful.”

“It is beautiful,” Ines replied, “This Big Lake is remarkable, just a lake, but it so resembles the northern seas. I too, am glad the village is protected.”

Episode 34:

What dawn there would be was still hidden behind the granite cliffs of the North Shore as the Sparrow slowly made her way past the breakwater, still, the day was brightening. The villagers briefly interrupted their exploration of the Sparrow’s lower decks, and joined the others on deck to bid goodbye to Danger Bay at the breakwater.

Daisy, the long legged Beagle (and the Sparrow’s mascot) was prowling the boat, looking for her “peopledog” pack leader Boomer (known for some inexplicable reason as “Gilligan), was growing increasingly disappointed.

“Where is he?” she thought. Although delighted by all the peopledogs around her, Beagles are like that, you know, she needed to be by her Boomer! Her thoughts were interrupted, quite suddenly by…

Daisy? Is that really you?” Lysa exclaimed, “I’m Lysa, and I’ve been wanting to give you a big hug for a very long time!”

Lysa Bob & Daisy on Deck ©2007 New CodgersDaisy, her tail a blur of happy, and certainly not one to refuse a hug, decided this peopledog was a good one to hang on to—until she found her Boomer, or maybe Jay. Daisy quite happily remained with Lysa, and received many more hugs.

In the pilot house, First Officer Trigg Guudlender & Mac McIntyre guided the large converted trawler out onto the Big Lake. Once clear of the breakwater, Trigg ordered the boat be brought to her cruising speed of six knots and ordered a direct heading for Blackfish Bay.Sparrow’s Pilot House ©2007 New Codgers

“Coming around to 020º,” Mac announced, “powering up engines, and both engines are at one-half throttle, sir.”

“Thanks, Mac,” Trigg replied, smiling, “None of this ‘sir’ stuff, I too work for a living!”

“Yessir,” Mac rumbled, “twenty-two years in the army is hard to overcome…sir.”

On the upper deck, Lar Farkleberry (owner of the Star Service Station—full service only, thank you very much) & Danger Bay mayor George Gamboge were watching the Sparrow’s passage onto Big Lake. They felt the muted vibration of the engines increase as the boat increased speed.

“I’m glad, George,” Lar said to his companion, “that th’ village is safe from outsiders while we’re gone.”

“Uh—I am, as well,” Gamboge replied. Lar did not see the slight smile that flickered briefly as the mayor spoke.

Big A in Town ©2007 New CodgersMeanwhile…

“What a dumbass, that so-called mayor,” Allen “Big A” Simpson thought as he drove through the fog to the village, “trying to get on my good side after he screwed up the vote. I don’t have a good side.”


Soon he parked at Farkleberry’s station and turned off the “Internet Search Confustigator allowing him to import the help he needed to complete his assignment.

Simpson stepped outside, the air was cold and clammy. The fog persisted even though the sun was creeping above the bluffs. “Where is that climate-controller?” he wondered, “I should have made sure Gamboge left it on—this could get uncomfortable.”

He crossed the road to Cooper’s General Store andSimpson in Silverthorne’s Café Winter ©2007 New Codgers jimmied the door. He quickly found what he was looking for—an xxx-large survival parka.

Warmer now, he went over to Silverthorne’s Café—his new operations headquarters. He quickly set the thermostat for 75º (he didn’t like cold much at all) and began contacting his associates—there was plenty to do before the Sparrow returns.

We leave Danger Bay until the Sparrow’s return—CONTINUED


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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15 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 34—“Big A” in Danger Bay

  1. Bob Carney says:

    “Gilligan” is going to have to figure out what to do without the Search Confustigator WE ARE DOOMED…(where’s Maryanne…she was cute)


  2. Bob Carney says:

    BTW, I like the new Glacier Oakley sunglasses that I am sporting


  3. lysasplace says:

    Daisy Hugs! I’ve been waiting so long for Daisy Hugs! I wonder where Boomer is tho? Hmmm.. Bob, Gotta agree with you on the glasses!


  4. lysasplace says:

    Ok, this is very eerrie ~ Big A is rumbling about the village, Boomer is a MIA and it seems so is everyone else?


  5. boomerjack says:

    Bob: “Gilligan” (alias Boomer), as with everyone else aboard the Sparrow, except Mayor Gamboge, of course, has no idea the confusticator has been turned off. You’re wearing rip-off sun glasses?
    Lysa: I asked my real Daisy what she thought about all the hugs cyber Daisy was getting, she simply cocked her head to one side, and slowly wagged her tail. Boomer “Gilligan” is atop the pilot house between Ines & Maggie.


  6. lysasplace says:

    If I was anywhere near the real Daisy she’d get real hugs and kisses every day! I can’t have a doggie right now, we’re not home enough for a puppy 😦 it wouldn’t be fair.

    There! I see you now! They say the eyes go first I hear…


  7. Ines says:

    That Big A better not mess with my Swigs!!! (but little does he know that I booby trapped it!….just in case). : )

    btw – love the graphics! the one with the light-house and the fog is unbelievable!


  8. boomerjack says:

    Lysa: BELIEVE me Daisy gets all the attention she can handle, Well, maybe she could handle more. Probably. Certainly.
    Ines: The lighthouse on the end of the breakwater is at Two Harbors, MN on Lake Superior. Teresa photographed it last summer. And thank you.


  9. Lysa says:

    Oh Ines, I love it! Booby trapping! I wish Sarah would have done that too!

    Boomer, I believe you! How could she not get tons of attention? Of course we all could use more 🙂


  10. Sarah Cooper says:

    I guess Cooper’s General Store never needed a security system until now …

    That fog is AMAZING.


  11. boomerjack says:

    Hi Sarah! The fog is a feature of “PhotoFiltre” a downloadable photo program, that is not as good as Photoshop, but has a few neat features, like fog for example. Makes it very easy.


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  13. Sarah Cooper says:

    You use it well! 🙂


  14. boomerjack says:

    Sarah: It’s kinda dummy-proof! For me–that’s an absolute necessity! 😉


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