Danger Bay—Episode 35—On “Big Lake”

Sparrow on Big Lake 23 Nov ©2007 New Codgers

“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney.

written by Boomer Jack Boardman

Previously: Episode 34—“Big A” in Danger Bay

As the fog silently crept away, the Motor Vessel Sparrow made her way on a direct Northeast bearing for Blackfish Bay, the steady rumble and almost imperceptible vibration of her twin biodeisel engines were all that broke the silence of the early morning, All, except for the always-present ‘Gulls, squawking and soaring off the boat’s stern in hopes of a tasty morsel.

Soon the villagers and some of the guests made their way below the main deck to their “staterooms” in the boat’s hull. “StateSparrow’s Pilot House 23 Nov ©2007 New Codgers room” is a bit of a stretch, they each consist of two small rooms: a “living room” and adjacent sleeping quarters, with a private head (toilet & washbasin). At the stern is a men’s and a women’s shower room with five private showers each (this isn’t the Queen Mary, folks, space is limited on the Sparrow).

Atop the pilothouse, Bob, Boomer (and Daisy), & Jay lingered in the still early morning cold, each clutching a mug of organically & shade-grown, fair-trade, Danger Bay (tastes just like the best coffee you’ve ever had—only better) blend coffee, warming their hands, and continuing to fire up each of their remaining brain-synapses to synapt (even Bob’s).

“So, this is your famous Big Lake,” Bob shivered, “It really does look and f-feel like the Atlantic.”

“Tastes better, ‘though” Boomer smiled back.

“Say what?” Bob replied, his cold-stutter dissipating as the coffee worked its magic.

Sparrow’s Stateroom 1, 23 Nov ©2007 New Codgers“Fresh water, unsalted.” Jay chuckled.

“You DON’T salt your water?” Bob teased in return, “Outrageous!”

Below deck, Sarah & Lysa were inspecting their “Home” for the next several months.

“Cozy,” Sarah commented as she toured the stateroom, “top berth or bottom?”

“Warm!” Lysa added, after being on deck, her Daytona Beach blood not accustomed to the Big Lake temperature yet, “I don’t care.”

“I don’t either,” Sarah answered, gazing out the porthole at the distant shore,

“Rock, paper scissors?” Lysa suggested, “Best three of five.”

“OK.”Sparrow’s Stateroom 2, 23 Nov ©2007 New Codgers

In the next stateroom, Maggie & Ines were similarly checking out their accommodations. And they managed to decide berth preference without resorting to a game of chance. Throughout the deck, the passengers were settling in, and soon all would be called to the main deck common room for their official welcome by Captain Halloran—who will make a surprise announcement!


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9 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 35—On “Big Lake”

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  2. lysasplace says:

    Boomer you know me so well! It wouldn’t bother me as to which berth 🙂 and these state rooms are larger then I imagined! I feel quite at home, thank you!


  3. Bob Carney says:

    Who’s idea was it to leave St Paul to Miami this time of year? I am beginning to think we shoulda started down south…brrrr.

    BTW…outstanding accommodations!!!


  4. boomerjack says:

    WOW Lysa, you’re quick! It seems like I just deployed this…wait…I just deployed our blatant link-post on AR! 😉
    Oh, hello Bob! You’re quick as well! I hope you don’t mind unsalted water!


  5. Bob Carney says:

    You’re backlink hit me as soon as you hit the go button.

    unsalted water LOL…not at all


  6. boomerjack says:

    Bob: Oh, OK. So–I can’t sneak up on you–crap! 😦


  7. Ines says:

    I was having Danger Bay withdrawals!! but glad I’m back!
    Did you guys notice my official Sparrow’s sailor Pea Coat??? NICE!!!


  8. boomerjack says:

    Imes: I’m glad you’re back too. Gee, thanks for pointing out the coat…how come they didn’t issue me one?


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