Danger Bay—Episode 45—Christmas aboard the Sparrow

“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney. written by Boomer Jack Boardman

Previously—Episode 44—Millie!

“She’s strong-willed and manipulative, forceful and abrasive,” continued Kiwi, “and is the power behind our rather laid-back mayor & school teacher. More importantly, she was the one pushing to accept Big A’s attempt to force your operation out of Danger Bay in favor of his. Misdirected, perhaps, but I don’t think she’s given up—yet.”

“She needs to be watched?” Mac rumbled.


Episode 45: Everyone who knows anything at all about the GreatSparrow underway on Christmas Eve ©2007 New Codgers Lakes, and who figures out that our Danger Bay, if it existed in the real instead of cyber world, would be on Lake Superior, may now be saying: “Ya dumbass, ya waited too long ta get off th’ lakes and out the Seaway.” Remember—the story takes place in cyber-space, where we control when the locks freeze and lake travel ends.

True to his admonition, Mac kept a pretty close eye on Millie. Even though she continued to be abrasive and bossy, and aggravated just about everyone—the results of her effort showed. The boat was well and properly dressed up for Christmas, in a cheerful and tasteful manner. She suggested to Captain Molly Halloran that the mast guy-wires be strung with lights, which would form sort of a Christmas tree when lit. Molly wisely agreed (there would be time later for these two to tangle).

Soon it was Christmas Eve, and each observed it according to his or her tradition, but throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, all would stop by the main cabin to enjoy the camaraderie and celebration offered there.

Mac McIntyre, the Sparrow’s 2nd Officer and Head Chef had his barbeque & smoker going all day preparing the roast pig, smoked Lake Trout, and broiled wild turkey, all done to mouth-watering perfection. Maggie provided some fine Schnebly Redlands Florida Tropical Wine, and Boomer some of Summit Brewing’s finest beer, lager, and ale, and Jay made his signature Hot Buttered Rum. For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, there was plenty of hot apple cider, our organically and shade grown fair trade, Danger Bay roast coffee (including decaffeinated), and other fine & tasty beverages to enjoy.

Main Cabin on Christmas Eve ©2007 New CodgersThere was truly “Peace on the Boat” and “Goodwill to All” during this time.

On Friday, our story will continue as the Sparrow enters the North Atlantic…From Daisy & I, Jay (somewhere in the Southwest), and Carl: Merry Christmas to all our Gentle Readers and we wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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5 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 45—Christmas aboard the Sparrow

  1. Lysa says:

    Goodness, I thought I would be late to the party and look, I’m the first arrival! To my wonderful St. Paul friends, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Stay toasty and warm! If any of you have a snowball fight, toss one for me 🙂 Merry Christmas!!


  2. boomerjack says:

    Hi Lysa! You aren’t the first to visit–but you are the first to comment! 😉 Daisy asked me to send you something, so I’ll email it off to you in a few minutes.


  3. daisylegs says:

    Now I can talk to ALL the Gentle Readers! Whenever I want!


  4. Ines says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS JACK AND JAY AND FAMILIES!! It’s so great to be able to celebrate alongside of you this day……PEACE!!


  5. boomerjack says:

    And to you, Rick and yours, Ines. I will certainly pass this on to Jay–I expect to hear from him today or tomorrow.


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