Danger Bay—Episode 46—Salt Water Sparrow

“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney. written by Boomer Jack Boardman

Previously— Episode 45—Christmas aboard the Sparrow

Mac McIntyre, the Sparrow’s 2nd Officer and Head Chef had his barbeque & smoker going all day preparing the roast pig, smoked Lake Trout, and broiled wild turkey, all done to mouth-watering perfection. Maggie provided some fine Schnebly Redlands Florida Tropical Wine, and Boomer some of Summit Brewing’s finest beer, lager, and ale, and Jay made his signature Hot Buttered Rum. For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, there was plenty of hot apple cider, our organically and shade grown fair trade, Danger Bay roast coffee (including decaffeinated), and other fine & tasty beverages to enjoy.

There was truly “Peace on the Boat” and “Goodwill to All” during this time.”

Episode 46:

MV Sparrow Pilot House ©2007 New CodgersThrough the magic of cyberspace, the MV Sparrow has passed through the entire chain of Great Lakes, and is just now transiting from the St. Lawrence Seaway into the Atlantic Ocean. Will the Sparrow enjoy her first taste of salt water? Does this 250’ lake boat become a ship? Who knows! What we do know is the conversations that occurred atop, in and around the Sparrow’s Pilothouse as the plucky boat made her way into the Atlantic.

Atop the pilothouse we find left to right: Jay Merton, Boomer, Daisy Legs, Lysa, Ines, Bob, Sarah & Maggie. In the pilothouse are First Officer Isaac Barrington “Trigg” Guudlender, and Crewman Herzog, and around the Pilothouse are (also L to R): Second Officer Mac McIntyre, Fred Peterson, Captain Molly Halloran and Joseph Kewl.

“I wonder,” Jay thinking out loud as he enjoyed his Danger Bay Collectible Mug (available through the end of December) of organically & shade grown, fair trade, Danger Bay roast coffee, “If the Sparrow will have any problem adapting to salt water?”

“I really don’t thinks so” Daisy began, “Her cooling systems are designed…”

Daisy!” Boomer interrupted, “You don’t get speaking lines here! Just your blog tagline.”

“Oops, sorry!” Daisy replied, tail low, “Bow-Woo!

“Awww,” Lysa, obviously siding with the little hound, “Let her speak.”

“She knows her line,” Boomer smiled, “She may speak all she wishes elsewhere.”

“The boat feels different here,” Sarah observed, “I can’t quite put my finger on it—just different.”

“You are perceptive, most would not notice,” Ines replied, “the ocean has a different wave frequency than the Great Lakes. It really does feel different, it is not your imagination.”

“I even feel different,” Bob said, glancing back at the mouth of the seaway, “I can’t exactly explain it,”

“Bob, you ARE different,” Maggie laughed, “and there is no one who can explain it!”

Meanwhile in Cabin 4, we find George and Mille Gamboge:The Gamboges in Cabin 4 ©2007 New Codgers

“Millie,” George said looking apprehensive, “I’m not sure what we are doing is right.”

“Of course it is,” She replied testily, “and when we get back home, you’ll be a hero.”


“No more discussion! It is what it is—there’s no turning back now!”


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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16 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 46—Salt Water Sparrow

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I *knew* Bob was different!

    Daisy speaks! 🙂 And what’s up with the Gamboges?? Hmmm …


  2. boomerjack says:

    Sarah: We all knew that! 😉 We just needed to share that.


  3. Bob Carney says:

    Hey the Drunk Dog on Family guy gets to speak…so does Daisy!!!! Viva la Daisy…always knew dogs were smarter than people.

    Sarah your support is appreciated!!! [in most sarcastic voice]

    Boomer don’t encourage her!


  4. Maggie Dokic says:

    hoo yeah, I got Bob. That’s that most fun I’ve had all week, Christmas included. LOL

    Thanks for the mug reminder. Going to buy mine now before they disappear.


  5. Lenn Harley says:

    I know something is up. Goodness, what are they looking for, sunken ship treasure?


  6. ines says:

    Bob is “different”…Bob is “different”, Na na na na na! : )


  7. Lysa says:

    Gotta love a puppy that starts to talk like Ms. Spock! How funny!

    “Bob is different”? Poor Bob!

    Ya know, the Northern Right Whales are in the middle of their migrations, we need to keep our eyes open for them, One of the main causes of death is ship strikes.


  8. boomerjack says:

    But Bob: I hear you LIKE to cause trouble on “Twitter.” 🙂
    Lenn: Not exactly.
    Ines: That about sums it up.
    Lysa: OK then–not to worry for two reasons: 1. The Sparrow is a boat. 2. It is non-union, employee-owned–hence, no strikes. See? Problem solved. 😉 We’ll have to write the plight of the Right Whales into our story-line–are you up for it?


  9. Bob Carney says:

    Ahem… Jay we won’t go there. She will shut this down too!


  10. Bob Carney says:

    see…I don’t even know who I’m talking to too. I meant Jack.


  11. boomerjack says:

    Bob: I expect a call from Jay today. I he calls, he will probably give me (verbally) a comment to post.

    “She will shut this down too.” What HAVE you done?


  12. daisylegs says:



  13. sgtmajcarl says:

    Bob: no two ways about it, you’ve been had.


  14. Bob Carney says:

    I’ve been Hmmphed by Daisy…Oh no…When does the Wrath of Lightening begin???


  15. boomerjack says:

    I think she was still upset about no lines. 😉


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