Danger Bay—Episode 47—the Plot Thickens…

MV Sparrow Underway“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney. written by Boomer Jack Boardman

Previously—Episode 46—Salt Water Sparrow

“Millie,” George said looking apprehensive, “I’m not sure what we are doing is right.”

“Of course it is,” She replied testily, “and when we get back home, you’ll be a hero.”


“No more discussion! It is what it is—there’s no turning back now!”

Episode 47:

The Gamboges in Cabin 4 ©2007 New Codgers“But Millie,” George persisted, “this will change everything about Danger Bay. Our village will never be the same.”

“It will be better, George,” Millie replied, “What good is being mayor of a dead-end little jerkwater village that nobody has ever heard of? You’d make a fine governor, and I a spectacular first lady—but none of that can happen if the village remains as it was.”

“The Village Council has not approved,” George objected, “I could be recalled…”

Work is already underway,” she snapped, “Mr. Simpson and his ‘associates’ are already making the changes! When the namby-pamby council sees the changes, they’ll call you a hero. If they don’t, they’ll be recalled themselves. Like it or not—it’s as good as done!

Meanwhile…“Cap” and Mrs. Sezavich knocked on the door to the Sparrow’s Captain’s quarters where Molly Halloran was meeting with her first officer.A Meeting of Captains ©2007 New Codgers

“Welcome, folks,” First Officer “Trigg” Guudlender, greeted as he answered the knock on the cabin door, “C’mon in.”

“If we’re interrupting, Captain…” Mrs. Sezavich began, and was quickly interrupted by her husband.

“Hush now Edith,” Cap admonished, smiling at his bride of 52 years, “A good Capt’n is always willin’ ta meet with another, an’ this here’s a pretty good capt’n by my reconin’.”

“But Silas,” Edith protested, smiling, “I was just trying to be polite.”

“You folks are welcome here anytime,” Molly laughed, appreciating the interaction of the old couple, “What may we do for you?”

“Ya done a pretty fair job of captaining,” Silas “Cap” Sezavich admired, “getting’ this boat through that Norwester back on the Big Lake.”

“Molly,” Trigg said, “it’s well known that ‘pretty good capt’n’ and ‘pretty fair job’ are high praise indeed form another Captain!”

“Thank you, Captain,” Molly, her face a bit flushed, replied.

“Capt’n,” Cap asked, “Ya got anyone ta run that fishin’ boat yet?”

“The ‘Maryland & Virginia?” Molly asked, “Our new fishing boat?”

“We have someone in mind,” Trigg continued with a very large smile, “but haven’t asked him yet/”

“Who’d that be?” Cap asked, tentatively.

“Silas,” Edith said, “That’s not your concern, I’m sure the captain will announce that in due time.”

“How about you, Captain?” Molly asked.

“Me?” Cap, who had been hoping, but thought himself as not being considered. He IS after all pretty old, “I’m too old.”

“You need to get out of the house!” Edith encouraged, “Heck, I need you to get out of the house!”

“If you mean it,” Cap grinned, “and if I can pick my crew, Ya got yerself a capt’n!”

“Agreed, Captain,” Molly said, “Thank you!”

Meanwhile, back in Danger Bay:

Big A Remains in Danger Bay ©2007 New Codgers

To Be Continued…

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10 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 47—the Plot Thickens…

  1. Lenn Harley says:

    Hey, I’ll volunteer. If it’s a fishing boat, I know where the fish live. I can take that fishing boat up the mighty Potomac River to a spot near the Roosevelt Island and off the Ft. McNair peninsula where some great Largemouth Bass live.

    But, wait, we don’t keep that sport fish. Best we hit the waters off the shores of Calvert Cliffs in Calvert County and catch some delicious Spot. If the fishing store at the Chesapeake Beach is open, we can get some bloodworms and maybe catch a Flounder or few. There is little more delicious than fresh Flounder from the Chesapeake Bay.

    We can fire up the stove in the galley of the Sparrow and have a delicious mess of fried fish and home fried potatoes. If you have a nice iron pan, I can make a wonderful pan of corn bread.

    Looking forward to the Maryland and Virginia mooring offshore. Send the fishing boat for me and I’ll be the guide. Don’t worry about the weather. Just bring a slicker and some warm clothes.

    We’ll have an adventure and a feast.


  2. boomerjack says:

    Lenn: The MV Maryland & Virginia was named in your honor!


  3. Lysa says:

    Lenn would be a huge asset! I love the names of the two new vessels!

    Meanwhile, back in DB, What can we do about?


  4. Missy Caulk says:

    I was sure you were talking about Lenn, when I read the post. Great job and she already figured it out.


  5. Bob Carney says:

    Uh oh…some HARD CORE Fish Blogging about to begin! And don’t copy my Treasure Maps to my Secret fishin’ spot!!!

    Told ya that Millie was a gold digger. She’s already picked out her outfit for the Governors Ball.


  6. ines says:

    I think Lenn could take on that Millie – she needs to be pushed over-board!


  7. boomerjack says:

    Lysa: The MV Maryland & Virginia is one boat. The boat will make it’s debut riding in a cradle atop the main cabin (needless to say the Sparrow will continue it’s transformation to accommodate the Virginia & Maryland).
    Missy: She did! A well-deserved honor–she named our character “Trigg.”
    Bob: You got that right!
    Ines: Millie’s fate is yet to be determined–but I am having fun with her!


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