Doggie Danger Bay—Episode 2—the Mission, Part III

Doggie Danger Bay, inspired and written by Daisy Legs Boardman

New West Side of Main Street©2008 New Codgers Previously…Episode 2—the Mission, Part II

Millie & George quickly ran from Silverthorn’s, totally frightened by a brace of small snarling critters. Unfortunately, this had no effect on Big A, as he began to lumber around the counter towards the dogs.

Pepper, RUN!” Daisy barked between snarls and bays, “Get outa here!

I’m sticking with you!” Pepper barked back.

Beta-Pepper—GO!” Daisy a-roofed, “We can’t stop this elephant, you gotta stay free! Now go!

Daisy had “pulled rank,” as team leader she was the alpha-dog on this mission, so Pepper ran quickly out the back and to the woods. He knew Daisy was right, he could do more to help from here—what to do?

the Mission, Part III:Pepper behind Silverthorn’s ©2008 New Codgers

Daisy only hesitated a moment before launching herself at the approaching behemoth, snarling and baying in the finest beagle tradition! The human Big A, realizing that he may have underestimated the danger Daisy presented, quickly turned away from the attack, and in so doing presented the beagle with the biggest target ever! Daisy managed a firm grip on Big A’s “big a” but as he spun around she slammed into the wall and was stunned by the impact.

Daisy in Jail 2 ©2008 New CodgersShaking her head to clear the fog, she found herself locked in a dog-kennel on the boardwalk in front of Silverthorn’s. (Just WHY there would be such a kennel in the back room of the café, I can’t really answer—except to say this IS really cheesy fiction!)

Meanwhile, Pepper Cooper had his own mission, and he was trying to remember exactly what Boomer told them before they left the Sparrow.

He trotted next door to Farkleberry’s Star Service Station and entered the conveniently unlocked door.

That’s it!” he arfed, thinking out loud, as he remembered, “That’s what I was supposed to do!” And he set about the task that Boomer had given the dog-people.

Pepper Cooper quickly accomplished his task and moved back outside just beside the café where he could see his incarcerated accomplice.

Daisy stared mournfully through the bars of her “jail” at the WestWest Side of Main Street Cooper’s & Swigs ©2008 New Codgers Side of Main Street, and remembered “Cooper’s General Store,” where she could always score a treat from People-dog Sarah, and “Swig’s,” where People-dog Ines would always have a dish of water-on-the-rocks just for her. She sighed. Suddenly her very-sharp, yet floppy beagle-ears heard Pepper approaching.

“Got’R done?” She bayed.

“Got’R done!” Pepper woofed in reply, “Now what?”


About Daisy Boardman

I'm a Looong-legged Beagle, and I have something to say!
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9 Responses to Doggie Danger Bay—Episode 2—the Mission, Part III

  1. John James says:

    OK, so what exactly was it that Pepper did inside the gas station?


  2. miamism says:

    I don’t remember any instructions…….always count on Jack’s (I mean Daisy’s) suspense!


  3. daisylegs says:

    John: I could tell you, but then I’d have to bite you! WOF! (Woofing Out Loud)
    Ines: [Episode 67: “…Daisy!” Boomer interrupted, “That’s enough!” And then he told the dogs what he had in mind for them.] That was all our Gentle Readers were told.


  4. boomerjack says:

    Sarah: The dog’s story was really FUN to write!


  5. Lysa says:

    Seconds Sarah’s Hmmmmm


  6. boomerjack says:



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