Danger Bay—Episode 70—Next Stop Daytona Beach

“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney, and written by Boomer Jack Boardman

Previously…Episode 69—Missing Passengers

“Okay,” Molly replied, “you have my permission to check on their welfare, I’ll send MCPO Pettigrew along with a passkey.”

Moments later, after knocking and calling out Kyle & Kiwi entered the Gamboge’s cabin and found nothing—no George, no Millie, no luggage—NOTHING—they were gone! But where?

Previously…Episode 2—the Mission, Part III

“Got’R done?” She bayed.

Got’R done!” Pepper woofed in reply, “Now what?”

And now—Episode 70:

Captain Halloran ordered a complete search of the boat—just to be certain that they were indeed gone, and as expected they were—indeed gone. There was little more they could do, so the captain ordered the Sparrow to resume course for their next port-of-call: Daytona Beach. Florida, at last.

Sarah’s thoughts were on the pups ©2008 New CodgersIn the main cabin, Bob came found Sarah deep in thought. Sarah’s thoughts were on the pups, she was worried.

“Sarah,” Bob suggested, “Let’s go down to the galley and see if Mac has any of those deep-fried, smoked, broiled, and over-easy lobsters left over from last night!”

“I don’t think so,” She replied, only half hearing what he said, “I’m worried about…hey—what did you say?”

“Kidding, Sarah, just kidding,” Bob laughed, “I’m concerned about them too.”

“Pepper really wanted to do this,” Sarah continued, “and Daisy…so timid most of the time.”

“Except when she snatches and chews my dirty socks.”

YUK!” Sarah laughed, “You leave them where she can find them?”

Only once!” Bob replied, “and those already had holes in the toes. The pups will be fine, Boomer wouldn’t have sent them if he thought there was any real danger.”

“I know—but still…”

Meanwhile, in Danger Bay:Pepper arrived next to the cage ©2008 New Codgers

“Mission accomplished!” Daisy bayed—quietly.

“But how do we get you out of here?” Pepper asked with an equally quiet arf, “human-Big A is not going to let you just leave.”

“Yep,” Daisy woofed in agreement, “I can’t unlock the door, and he has a HITS (Humongous Image Transfer Systems} blocker on the cage, so we can’t use that to get me out.”

“I can’t bite the lock off, huh,” Pepper barked, rejecting the idea immediately.

“Not without seriously affecting your ability to eat.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Pepper woofed, “I don’t suppose human-Big A would lend us his key…”

“Why don’t you ask him?”

“I suspect he doesn’t like me,” Pepper arfed, “go figure! Any ideas?”

“No problem,” Daisy barked quietly in reply, “go around the back, so human-Big A doesn’t see you, and come near the cage.”

Bow-Woo—Bow-Woo!” Daisy bayed as Pepper arrived next to the cage.

And a moment or two later ©2008 New CodgersAnd a moment or two later…

Boomer & Hiram were at that moment atop the main cabin.

“Do you think we should return to Danger Bay?” Hiram asked.

“No, I don’t think it’s necessary,” Boomer replied, “The dogs know what to do, and I have confidence in them.”

“But both are so small,” Hiram persisted, “What can they do?”

“Well, Hiram,” Boomer smiled, “Let me tell you.”

“Boomer & Hiram were…atop the main cabin” ©2008 New CodgersAnd tell him he did. When Boomer finished telling Hiram the plan—Hiram smiled.

“Very cagey, Boomer,” he said, “Big A is in for a bit of a surprise.”

“Yes he is,” Boomer replied, “Big A is nasty & cunning, but not all that smart about the systems we installed before we left.”

“Any chance he’ll figure it out?”

“Maybe, but if the dogs do their job, by then it will be too late.”

“Shouldn’t they be back by now?”

“Hard to say,” Boomer replied, “I wouldn’t worry too much ‘til this evening.”

Suddenly, with little warning—the dogs returned!Suddenly, with little warning the dogs returned ©2008 New Codgers










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15 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 70—Next Stop Daytona Beach

  1. gotbob says:

    Oh just get my Dirty “Holey” socks out and I’m sure the timid Daisy dog will bust out of that locked kennel…Bob’s stinky socks will fix everything. 😉 [Enter Alpha-Sock]


  2. boomerjack says:

    Bob: She’ll steal them right out of the clothes hamper!


  3. gotbob says:

    Bennie steals our wash rag out of the shower and puts it on the bathroom carpet…no idea why


  4. boomerjack says:

    Totally a dog thing, I think.


  5. John James says:

    I don’t have a dog to provide such entertainment!


  6. boomerjack says:

    John: You have no idea what you’re missing! 😉


  7. Sarah Cooper says:

    Little One is liking this. 🙂


  8. boomerjack says:

    Sarah: Oh good! I sorta aimed the dog stories for your “Ones.” Pepper was quite the hero.


  9. miamism says:

    I’m not going to tell you what Lucky likes to chew on because it’s a bit gross…….well what the heck! she loves lizards! she eats them whole….it’s pretty gross.

    I hope you have a nice big lock cutter somewhere, I’m sure Daisy is dying to get out of that cage.


  10. boomerjack says:

    Ines: Let me say this about thatYUK! About Daisy being released from the cage–Bob insists he be given enough time to secure his remaining socks first–so that they remain whole-not holed!


  11. gotbob says:

    They are Holy Socks…I wear them on Sundays


  12. boomerjack says:

    Just hide them!


  13. Lysa says:

    I’ve got the bolt cutter 🙂 Yay! The pups are back!!!


  14. boomerjack says:

    Yes they are. 😉


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