Danger Bay—Episode 74—Port-of-Call Daytona Beach—Bikes and Blues

Episode inspired by Lysa (Gypsy) Napolitano

“Voyage of the Motor Vessel Sparrow” series inspired by Bob Carney, and written by Boomer Jack Boardman


Episode 71—Pups Return! (The return of Pepper & Daisy from their successful mission to Danger Bay)

Episode 72 (Flashback)—Danger Bay Motor Society Founded (How our heroes acquired their motorcycles)

Episode 73 (Flashback)—The new “Codger Lodge” (Sarah, Boomer, Ines & Bob’s first bike trip)

And now—Episode 74:MV Sparrow Passed Grenada Bridge ©2008 New Codgers

We find Boomer, Ines, Sarah, Bob & Lysa (not to mention Daisy & Pepper) atop the main cabin, along with their respective bikes: a 1941 WLD, a Heritage Softail Classic, a Firefighter Special Edition Classic Electra Glide, a Dyna Super Glide, and a 1936 Knuckle Head 61as the MV Sparrow cruises near the Granada Bridge at Daytona Beach.

“Where are we going to unload?” Bob asked, replacing his now fully removable sunglasses.

“I think on the beach would be great,” Lysa suggested, “Not many people up this early.”

Motor Society arrives on Daytona Beach ©2008 New Codgers“Give the word,” Boomer smiled at Lysa.

“Daisy, Pepper,” Lysa said to the two furry companions standing next to her, “You know what to do.”

Arooo!” howled Pepper.

Bow-Woo!” bayed Daisy, in unison, and with a bolt of light and a nearly silent “ffft” they disappeared from the Sparrow.

A millisecond later, they arrived on a deserted stretch of early morning beach—their arrival unobserved.

“Okay, I’m officially lost,” Sarah observed as she placed Pepper in his Acme Ride-Along Box fixed to the back of her bike.

“Hot!” Bob said, as he started to remove his jacket.Motor Society on Daytona Beach ©2008 New Codgers

“Better leave that on,” Lysa laughed, “I’ve seen you ride, the jacket could save you from a case of road-rash. Follow me gang.”

Following Lysa, they made their way off the seaside beach to South Atlantic Avenue (A1A) and turned north. After a few blocks they came to East Granada Blvd and turned west, and soon motored across the graceful arch of the Granada Bridge over the Halifax River.

“We have plenty of time,” Lysa said over the rumbling of the bikes, as they turned north on US 1, “Sign-up for the event doesn’t begin until 9.”

They soon found themselves among dozens of bikes motoring on Highway 1, mostly northbound towards the Iron Horse Saloon. They were riding side-by-side in twos, first Lysa & Sarah, followed by Bob & Ines with Boomer at the rear.

Boomer heard a rumble to his left, and observed perhaps the largest man he’d ever seen riding a custom, chopped Harley. The guy was clearly in his fifties, with gray hair & beard, and a face crinkled with the lines of a man who enjoyed life.

They soon stopped for a red light, and the fellow looked over:

“Nice bike,” he rasped, “No doubt a WLD—right? Name’s Tiny Jim, and you’d be?”

“Umm—Boomer Jack,” Boomer replied, “It is a WLD.”

“Figured. Don’t see too many. You’re not from around here?”

“Danger Bay. You’re called Tiny?”

“Yep, I’m the smallest in my family, you should see my sisters.”

No I shouldn’t,” Boomer thought to himself and then replied, “The name fits.”

“In my family it does,” he laughed, “Been here before?”

“First time,” Boomer replied.

“Great event, you’ll love it. And it’s for a great cause, the proceeds go to Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

“Lysa told us the story of St. Jude’s and all they do for children,” Boomer answered, “So we timed our visit so we could participate.”

“Lysa?” Tiny Jim replied, “our Gypsy?”

“The same,” Boomer smiled.

“That figures!” Tiny Jim laughed as he pulled away, “That’s Gypsy!



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13 Responses to Danger Bay—Episode 74—Port-of-Call Daytona Beach—Bikes and Blues

  1. Lysa says:

    Boomer! Thank you Thank you! This is great! The Gang is really enjoying this series :).

    I’m on my way now to meet Mickey Jones at one of three radio stations to promote Bikes And Blues and everyone online can hear us at our 3rd stop on whog.fm at 915AM!

    Have a great day and a great weekend!


  2. Lysa says:

    PS We’ve already raised 17K 🙂


  3. boomerjack says:



  4. Ines says:

    This is way cool! To think that you are giving link-love to such a worthy event! We’re proud of you Lisa!
    And those leather jackets are HOT! (a different type of hot than Bob’s)


  5. boomerjack says:

    Without the Lysas of the worldthe world would stop turning! (Shhhh–the jackets are copied from Lysa’s)


  6. John James says:

    I wanna come too!


  7. sgtmajcarl says:

    Boomer! How come I wasn’t included in this little adventure?


  8. gotbob says:

    Benefits are the best…speshly the ones for kids

    I was just asked to be the Event Chair for next year’s Cancer Relay…

    Who’s Tiny’s sisters riding with?


  9. boomerjack says:

    John: You need a caricature first.
    Carl: Mac has been hanging with his war-buddy Pettigrew.
    Bob: Indeed the benefits are best! I assume you are honored & accepted. I have no desire to learn any more about Tiny-Jim’s sisters–the mind boggles! 😉


  10. gotbob says:

    Oh by the way … I like the new look.


  11. boomerjack says:

    Bob: Thanks–I THINK I do as well.


  12. Lysa says:

    Guys you all are the greatest Thank you for all of your support! I’ve taken over 1000 photos this weekend. The Bikes & Blues portion seemed to do real well, the totals are not in yet tho. We did have over 700 bikes on the run. The group shots we took with Mickey at the golf course today raised over 200 in donations alone!


  13. boomerjack says:

    Lysa: Naw–you are the star–we’re just your supporting cast! 🙂


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