Danger Bay “…After all this time you’re just going to end it?”

Joe’s Café & Coffee, Boomer & the McIntyres ©2008 New Codgers“What, No Danger Bay today?”

“That’s right Carl,” I replied, raising my mug of organically & shade-grown, Fair Trade, French-Roast coffee, in an attempt to get my corpuscles, corpuscling, “There are a few things left to do for our Danger Bay finale!”

What?” Carl rumbled with some volume.

“Um…” I began, but was interrupted by…

“…You can’t do that!” a slightly agitated Collie McIntyre exclaimed, “You went to all the trouble to draw a cyber-me so I could play in Danger Bay, and now you END IT?

“But, but…”

“…After all this time you’re just going to end it?” Carl fumed, “with no notice?”

“If you’d just…”

“…Do the others know about this?

“If I could…”

This is outrageous!

“…get a…”

“…Thanks a lot!

“…word in…”

…have you lost your mind?

QUIET!!!” I said in my best outdoor voice.

And there was total silence, and I could actually see steam rising from Carl’s ears…

“Thank you,” I said after a few moments of steamy silence, “SEASON Finale, we’ll resume the series in June.”

And the silence continued, but the steam evaporated.

SEASON finale, one week from today!

About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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10 Responses to Danger Bay “…After all this time you’re just going to end it?”

  1. Here’s hoping to some tasty “reruns” this summer. I’ve been too busy putting the wheels back on this crazy business to get out much….


  2. boomerjack says:

    kk: The series will resume with new episodes in June! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. John James says:

    You had me going for a moment or two!


  4. gotbob says:

    LOL…Danger Bay Reruns. Do I get residual royalty checks for that???


  5. sgtmajcarl says:

    John: Yeah–just because he left one little word out of a sentence…
    Bob: Boomer pays only in link-love! I get nothing! 🙂


  6. boomerjack says:

    John: You’re not the first..
    Bob: Yes, in the same amount as your actor’s salary!
    Carl: Gotcha, big time. 😉


  7. miamism says:

    I know what’s happening…….and it’s a secret……I will not tell you…….I feel special


  8. boomerjack says:

    Ines: I just returned from commenting on your miamism post to find you here–magic? BTW: there is something coming on Danger Bay that may even surprise you! 😉


  9. Lysa says:

    Sorry I’m just now getting back into the groove! Missed you guys!


  10. boomerjack says:

    Lysa: You have been missed as well!


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