Party at Swig’s


The MV Sparrow & crew were on an extended voyage to Whitefish Bay with a load of tourists who chartered the big trawler because they just had to see where the Edmond Fitzgerald went down. The crew rapidly grew sick of Gordon Lightfoot’s “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

A gaggle of Canadians chartered the SV Danger Bay for a trip down-lake to Duluth as they wanted to experience the 42º warm water off Park Point, and its snow white sandy beach.

As expected Ringo stopped by PawZ a little after midnight. “Yes, little beagle buddies, there is a reason you’ve not found stray dog-people, a human in a brown & white machine has been collecting them.”

“I know who that is,” Wingnut declared, “Where does he take them, I wonder?”

“He says as he grabs them, something about the county dogpound….whatever that is.”

“Oh noooooo!”

“Oh noooooo!”

“Oh noooooo!”

Chapter VIII—Episode 3 Party at Swig’s:

Medlar Farkleberry drove over to Charlie’s Blacksmith shop to arrange for the frame welding and found Charlie a little reluctant to take on the job. “But she’s a chick, chicks shouldn’t be cops.”

“But she’s a chick, chicks shouldn’t be cops.”

“But she’s a chick, chicks shouldn’t be cops.”

“Mebbe so, but th’ lady’s got th’ job, like it er not. Doncha think you can handle th’ work?”

“I can handle the work alright. Whadda you think ‘bout her being the marshal?”

“I think she’ll do jest fine. ‘Sides, I like her, she’s got a fine humor ‘bout her.”

“But she’s a chick!”

“You gonna take th’ job?”

“Yeah, I need the money. But don’t tell the guys.”

While Susie was away a stable was built behind the Codger Lodge for Josie, done the time-honored method of a traditional barn-raising, the good people of the village accomplishing the job in less than a day. Lysa was more than happy to donate the necessary space behind the lodge.

Hiram Silverthorn provided coffee and food, and after the job was finished, Swig’s a free drink of choice for each of the weary workers. The place was hopping (additional drinks were, of course, not free—there is a limit you understand). One thing was certain Ines knew how to throw a party!

One thing was certain Ines knew how to throw a party!

One thing was certain Ines knew how to throw a party!

One must wonder…if Boomer had not been away aboard the SV Danger Bay—just how long would he have stayed at the party? Odds-on favorite guess was no later than 8pm. That would have been a winner.

“I bet he’s fast asleep,” Ines smiled wickedly.

“No bets there,” DJ Dale confirmed, “But it won’t be too long before we receive a cyber-tweet with a ‘Good morning late nighters & early risers, It’s insane o’clock and I are here.’ I’d be willing to bet on that.”

Mop-Boy added, “Not all that hard if you go to bed at 6pm.”

“Some of us know how to keep hours,” Sarah chimed in, “I get up early….”

“Yeah, but you manage to stay up late,” Mop-Boy said, “right?”

“[yawn] Sometimes. Has anyone seen PepperCooper? He was just here a minute ago.”

“He and Ralph had some dog-business to attend to,” GotBob answered, “they just left.”

PepperCooper, Ralph and Wingnut (Daisy was away aboard the Danger Bay) decided they must take some action to prevent Deputy McCoy from grabbing any more strays. They decided to patrol along Historic Highway 61, where, unfortunately people dump their unwanted dog-people or cat-people. They believed they could elude the deputy easily enough, but were (rightly) concerned about coyotes, and even wolves not loyal to their friend Ringo. They would need Ringo’s help.

Yes they would…To Be Continued…

Friends of Danger Bay Blog Roll

Friends of Danger Bay Blog Roll


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13 Responses to Party at Swig’s

  1. cooppics says:

    Nice sidebar addition!

    This early would have happily pretended to be a night owl this morning. *Yawn!*


  2. John James says:

    I’m a regular commenter but have no website…


  3. John, just check with the new Marshall. She’ll fix your sidebar.


  4. Oh, I think I heard something about early risers… ???


  5. John Lauber says:

    I was neither a night owl nor an early birder today. I must have needed sleep.

    Sweet side bar addition. Thanks.


  6. miamism says:

    maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see the new category – and yes…..Ines does know how to throw a party…..just sayin’


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