Dogs are Home


The stop at Two harbors was brief….the Canadians were content to remain aboard. With the marshal safely aboard, they quickly departed. Soon the Canadians learned more than they probably wanted about American humor….Susie was in her usual form. That pretty much says it all.

The newly minted “Knights of the Realm” were all safely back at their respective homes and dreaming of their great adventure, tails thumping in their sleep. Their alpha-humans were not yet aware of the dogs’ return, as they were as stealthy in returning as they were in leaving the previous night. There would be happy reunions all over in a couple of hours.

Todd McCoy had not slept well….recurring nightmares about dogs and wolves saw to that. Already awake, he thought about the day to come…and resolved to spend a little extra time in the Port of Danger Bay…

Chapter IV Episode 2—Dogs are Home!:

McCoy decided on a new tack…he had been told by the sheriff to lighten up, so that’s exactly what he would do. As he scraped the stubble from his face, he decided his first stop this morning would be Silverthorn’s Café. He would engage in the usual small-town small talk.

Chris awoke to find the pups had returned. “Where have you been? I have been SO worried about you!”

“We had something we had to do, Alpha Chris….”

“That’s right, Wingnut, and Alpha Chris, Buttons was very brave…”

“Brave? Brave? What did you get into? Brave?” Chris was not happy. That would change.

“Nice to see you. Did you have fun last night?”

“Nice to see you. Did you have fun last night?”

As Sarah descended the stairs to the retail part of Cooper’s General Store, she found PepperCooper curled up on the rug. “Nice to see you. Did you have fun last night?’

“Yes, Alpha-Sarah, I’m a “Knight of the Realm” now.”

“That’s nice, Pepper. Are you hungry?” Sarah did not realize PepperCooper was serious….he does have a very good imagination. She would learn the truth, soon.

At the Cabin-on-the-Rock, GotBob awoke to see Ralph in his usual place under the window, fast asleep. Pleased that Ralph was home, Bob dressed and prepare for breakfast at Silverthorn’s. He let his old dog sleep.

The SV Danger Bay was docked and the Canadians quickly boarded the van for the short trip to their hotel by the main highway where a fine breakfast awaited them. Boomer, Daisy & Susie began the short walk to Silverthorn’s. Susie had a big day ahead, her first as the official “Town Marshal” of Danger Bay, there was much to do.

Rehabbed Marshal’s Patrol Car at Star Service

Rehabbed Marshal’s Patrol Car at Star Service

The just completed marshal’s patrol car was parked in front of Farkleberry’s, and Medlar decided to bring the keys with him to Silverthorn’s Café where he expected the marshal would show up this morning. Of COURSE he was right.

If it appears to you, Gentle Reader, that everyone was going to Silverthorn’s…you might just be right….

To Be Continued…


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21 Responses to Dogs are Home

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    “That pretty much says it all.” – and then some!


  2. All this talk about Silverthorn’s Cafe has me craving a cup-o’-coffee!


  3. The new marshall, while walking to Silverthorn’s, was thinking about that big ole’ sausage… that she was going to order for breakfast.


  4. John Lauber says:

    I hope Silverthorn’s has enough room. Sounds like a town meeting.


  5. miamism says:

    (grin) – Susie made me forget what I was going to say


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