Poor Ol’ Charlie Johnson


Charlie had just completed measuring Josie’s hooves and was taking a short break out front when he observed the green SUV turn onto Second Avenue, and then stop in front of the shop. A woman alighted from the car, an Indian woman. “Business is business,” he thought as he walked over to her.

“G’mornin’ little lady, may help you?”

“Good morning Mr. Johnson,” Kiwi replied, ignoring the slight, “I’m Kiwi Silverthorn, and I came over to help you this morning.”

Chapter XI—Episode 4— Poor Ol’ Charlie Johnson

“Help me?” Charlie thought to himself, “HOW can she possibly help me?”

“I suppose you want to try and sell me sumptin, right?”

“I suppose you want to try and sell me sumptin, right?”

“I suppose you want to try and sell me sumptin, right?”

“No, not at all,” Kiwi smiled in spite of her distaste for this man, “I have some errands this morning that bring me over this way. I thought I’d stop by with the business license application for you. The marshal said you might appreciate that.”

“You’d do that?” Charlie’s mind was in a state of kerfluffle….every chick he’d ever known in a man’s job ahd been an overbearing bitc…. “Ummm…thanks.”

“Yes, and the marshal took care of the lighting citation, she said your lighting looks fine to her,” Kiwi was having fun now, “If you’d just fill out this form.”

Wingnut was one happy beagle as he sat next to his forever Alpha-Cob, while he was happy at PawZ, he’d seen how happy Ralph was and came to desire his very own alpha-human.

“You know Wingnut, I just may have a job for you, that’s right up your alley.” Hearing this, Wingnut’s tail began to wag. There is nothing a dog-person likes more than to have something important to do.

“You do Alpha-Cob?”

“You know Wingnut, I just may have a job for you, that’s right up your alley.”

“You know Wingnut, I just may have a job for you, that’s right up your alley.”

“Yes, but first let’s get you situated at home.” Cob replied as they parked in front of the Harbormaster’s office & quarters. Wingnut’s tail simply could not have wagged any faster.

Charlie filled out the application, slowly. He didn’t write very fast, and his spelling? Don’t ask. Charlie mostly just got by in the world. He completed the application and returned it to Kiwi. It was almost completely illegible, but no matter…Kiwi reached into her car and pulled out a framed, approved (in advance) by the mayor, license to do business in the Port of Danger Bay.

Charlie was stunned….even when dealing with men in any bureaucratic position, nothing ever came easy for him, and here….in this place run by….women….he simply filled out the application, she didn’t even comment on his spelling, much less have him fill it out all over again, and she just hands him a license???

Charlie filled out the application, slowly.

Charlie filled out the application, slowly.

“Th-thank you,” was about all Charlie could stutter out. He began to think then, that the agreement he’d made with Big A to finance his shop, just may have been a mistake. He had much to work through….and being Charlie, that would take a while.

“You’re welcome, and if you have any questions, stop by Silverthorn’s, Hiram or I will be more than happy to help you.”

“Sure, I will.”

Charlie was thinking as hard as he could…

Sometimes, MOST times, change is incremental…..To Be Continued!

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14 Responses to Poor Ol’ Charlie Johnson

  1. Pingback: Twitted by boomerjack

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Makes all the difference in the world to deal with a nice person. Has Kiwi charmed him?


  3. Maggie Dokic says:

    Well, that’s what you get for dealing with a woman. We’re just soooooo efficient. =)


  4. boomerjack says:

    Hi Maggie! So true….so true!


  5. Maggie: your avatar is too cute. Just sayin’


  6. Every time I head on over here and I hear ’bout Silverthornes, I get thirsty for a cup o’ coffee…


  7. Yes, the Marshall thinks Charlie’s lighting is just fine… here Charlie, point your lighting over this way.


  8. miamism says:

    I’m with Maggie…..efficient! 😉


  9. boomerjack says:

    Oh, that’s what it is: “efficient.” Whoda thunk it? 😉


  10. Chris Shouse says:

    Maybe Charlie will be helpful with any investigation that might be pointed in Big A’s direction…You know how Button’s feels about that man!


  11. boomerjack says:

    Perhaps he will….glad to see you here, Chris! 😉


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