Party on the “Swig’s” Set


Charlie was stunned….even when dealing with men in any bureaucratic position, nothing ever came easy for him, and here…in this place run by…women…he simply

…and being Charlie, that would take a while.

"…and being Charlie, that would take a while."

filled out the application, she didn’t even comment on his spelling, much less have him fill it out all over again, and she just hands him a license???

“Th-thank you,” was about all Charlie could stutter out. He began to think then, that the agreement he’d made with Big A to finance his shop, just may have been a mistake. He had much to work through….and being Charlie, that would take a while.

“You’re welcome, and if you have any questions, stop by Silverthorn’s, Hiram or I will be more than happy to help you.”

“Sure, I will.”

Charlie was thinking as hard as he could…

Chapter VI, Episode 5, Party on the “Swig’s” Set:

Charlie isn’t stupid, mind you, but he’s just had his prejudices challenged more than he’s ever had…there will be no epiphany for Charlie, he won’t suddenly realize his bigotry. He will, however, become a little more accepting of the “other” on a person by person basis. Probably the best we can hope for. We’ll leave Charlie to his thoughts for the upcoming weekend, and check in on him next week sometime…

...the usual suspects (Real World people of Danger Bay)...

"...the usual suspects (Real World people of Danger Bay)...

That evening, the usual suspects (Real World people of Danger Bay) gathered at Swig’s for a swig or two, a Mojito or six, a fine brew (savored, not swigged)…all feeling a little neglected these past two weeks, although none would come out and say it.

“Alpha-Jack, why have you neglected me here for sooooo long?” Daisy asked, ears drooping (I

“Anybody need a haircut?” Bill the Barber asked

“Anybody need a haircut?” Bill the Barber asked

didn’t claim the RW pets wouldn’t complain, now did I?). Buttons & PepperCooper kept their barks to themselves, more than likely because they had NOT been left out of the story-line.

“Chill, Daisy,” Boomer, said looking down at his sad-eyed little friend, and taking another pull from his brew, “the Sun don’t shine on one dog’s as…oh, never mind, just deal with it.”

“Anybody need a haircut?” Bill the Barber asked, “I really need to clip someone.”

Mojito on me!” Ines exclaimed.

“I’ll have one!” DJ Dale said as he drained the last of his brew.

“Mojito on me!” Ines exclaimed

“Mojito on me!” Ines exclaimed

“No,” Ines replied, “I really have a Mojito ON ME, Mop-Boy bumped my arm!”

“Dammit!” DJ had been hoping.

“Now I have more to mop!” Jeff thought, “iMop has a great app for that, too. Gotta tweet that.”

Lysa, Sarah & GotBob had gone easy on the refreshments and had other ideas for their evening’s amusement:

“Are you ready to ride?” Lysa asked, “The moon is out and the back roads beckon, let’s go!”

“I’m with you!” Bob said, “Bike’s tuned and ready!”

“Are you ready to ride?” Lysa asked

“Are you ready to ride?” Lysa asked

“C’mon Pepper, let’s go!” Sarah added.

“Oooo,” DJ joined in, “I’d like to ride.”

“Hey Boomer,” Lysa asked, “Can DJ use your bike?”

“He may, but the training wheels are off.”

“When did you learn to ride without them?”

“I didn’t, they wore out.”

Mayor Maggie, Marshal Blackmon, and Chris, just observed and smiled, and fortunately for us, the marshal kept her council and withheld comment.

...the marshal kept her council and withheld comment.

"...the marshal kept her council and withheld comment."

Thus concludes this chapter, not the story. To be Continued…

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18 Responses to Party on the “Swig’s” Set

  1. Yes, the Marshall is withholding her comments, but she is careful to keep her spanking whip handy at all times… especially when Ines is serving mojitos (I doubt she needs training wheels).


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ooooh, off for a ride!

    And I’m off to look up that iMop application. PepperCooper has been getting footprints on the kitchen floor after a week of rain.


  3. John Lauber says:

    It’s easier to go around the corners without the training wheels. Or so I’ve found.


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    LMAO IMop App and I have to tweet that! Too funny! LOL so hard I woke Buttons up and she just gave a snort and went back to sleep.


  5. Bill Lublin says:

    Still got my clippers out! 😉


  6. miamism says:

    Mojito ON me!! 😀 and you are right….Ms Marshall… wheels optional


  7. Yes, there’s an app for that. 🙂


  8. Lysa says:

    I had to stop by for a drink, I’m so glad I did! I’m laffing so hard! Worn out training wheels?

    Um, Boomer? Neglecting Daisy?

    Sarah? A WEEK OF RAIN?? I’ll be so happy to take that rain off your hands!

    Jeff is on board? Wow! I’ve missed sooo much! I’ll try to stop by more often!


  9. *sigh* So close to getting my hands on a mojito. Maybe in this next chapter… Who knows, DJDale might even get some tunes spinning! I know Danger Bay needs some tunes.

    But first, off to go for a ride. Yeah!


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