Daisy in Cyberspace


Just then they heard a “Bow-Woooo” repeated three times, followed immediately by a flash of light and a poof-like sound.

“They haven’t returned yet…right?”

“No Boomer, they haven’t,” Kiwi, looking a bit worried, replied, “We’ve not heard from them.”

“Oh boy,” Boomer sighed.

Well…maybe now we’ll learn the status of our biker-adventurers…or not.

Chapter XII—Urban Renewal—Episode 3:

Daisy was gone, of that there was little doubt. Boomer called out once or twice knowing that she wouldn’t respond…she was on what she wanted most…an adventure.

” Boomer called out once or twice…”

” Boomer called out once or twice…”

“Aren’t you concerned?” Hiram asked.

“Naw, not really.”

“Really? You’re not worried about her wandering through cyberspace alone?”

“Think about it, Hiram. Remember when PepperCooper & Daisy came here from the Sparrow and helped defeat Big A’s attempt to take over the village?”

“Good point,” Hiram thought about that, and all the other times Daisy negotiated cyberspace in the past couple of years, the little one does know her way around.”

“It’s a beagle thing.”

“Well fellers, I better git back to th’ station,” Medlar said, “ol’ Peterson’ll be by directly ta pick up his pick-up.”

“Seems like that truck spends a lot of time in your garage.”

“He don’t take good care of it, Hiram. Ever now an’ again the thing breaks down an’ he tries ta fix it himself. He needs ta stay th’ heck out from under th’ hood.”

“I’m off to get some rest, then I’m going to check out the progress on South Silverthorn.”

“Good idea Boomer, me too. Whaddaya say we meet around noon and check it out.”

“See you then, Hiram.”

Meanwhile, far away in the real world…

“Pepper, are you sure that’s how Daisy does it?”

“Pepper, are you sure that’s how Daisy does it?”

“Pepper, are you sure that’s how Daisy does it?”

“Yes Alpha-Sarah,” PepperCooper replied, “It’s just that I can’t bay like she can, I think. Maybe you should try, Ralph.”

Aeow-Woo! Aeow-Woo! Aeow-Woooooo!” Old Ralph bayed his best…nothing happened.

And again.

And again.

Still nothing.

“We’re stuck here?” Ines asked.

“And just what’s wrong with that?” DJ asked, “There’s much more to see around here.”

“Sorry, I DO like it here, it’s just…”

Ines was interrupted by a flash…To be Continued…


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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4 Responses to Daisy in Cyberspace

  1. John Lauber says:

    “..it’s just…” [There’s no Mojitos 🙂 ]


  2. miamism says:

    Daisy to the rescue!!! (I was missing those mojitos….thanks John and Jack for reminding me)


  3. boomerjack says:

    You needed to be reminded? Okay then, glad to be of help.


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