War Eagle

PREVIOUSLY: “Sheriff Richard Haven is Roscoe Bernhaven’s brother,” Charlie said, “He changed his last name after high school. He’s tight with Simpson—like Roscoe.”

“How long have you known this?” Marshal Blackmon was surprised—she was thinking that…

I wasn’t keepin’ that from you, Marshal, I jest found out las’ night. I was at the Roadhouse up there on old 61, back in th’ corner where I always sit. Shaddock an’ Bernhaven was sittin’ coupla tables over. I heard Shaddock ask Bernhaven if his brother th’ sheriff was gonna be recalled.”

What did he say?”

Said ‘Big A’s got th’ recall election in th’ bag.’ is what he said.”

Oh really?”

Season V—Chapter II—Recall, Episode 3:

“Which way to Silverthorn’s Café? I’m sure it must have moved,” Susie was looking up and down Silverthorn Avenue, “Oh wait, I see it—it’s where this station used to be.”

“You guys coming with us? We’d better prepare for the recall election.”

“No Sarah,” Cam smiled, “It’s almost afternoon rush hour and we’d better stay here in case our customer shows up.”

They walked towards Silverthorn’s and continued to notice small, almost imperceptible changes in the village; nothing you could put your finger on, exactly, but still…a building moved here, a street moved there, pretty soon you have noticeable change.

“…a building moved here, a street moved there…”

When they arrived they found the Silverthorns, Doc McLean & Karen Thayer enjoying the late afternoon air…just then, a huge eagle flew by with something clutched in its talons; something, or better said—someone who looked remarkably like Larry Fluttermatters.

“…a huge eagle flew by with something clutched in it’s talons…”

“Looks like that addle-brained pigeon finally did it!”

“Did what, Susie?” Sarah shuddered, “He’s harmless and…”

“Came across some very large someone without a sense of humor.”

“For that he deserves to be eagle-food?”

“That is Heammawihio-Wakonda,” Hiram Silverthorn said, “Ancient war-eagle; largest eagle in the North Woods. It is said she is closely allied with Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio.”

“What does this mean?” Chris asked, “What will she do with him?”

The answer must wait until Monday…

To be Continued…

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11 Responses to War Eagle

  1. My, my, what large talons you have …. …. …. hmm, do I need to smoke something to be able pronounce your name, you Big Old Bird?


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Has the big ol’ bird been charmed?


    • boomerjack says:

      I believe the “big ol’ bird” is the “charmer” not the “charmee.” She certainly is more than a match for the delusional pigeon.


  3. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters there are no Elton John Pink diamond encrusted blue tooth enabled glasses in this place where everyone is always drinking something from cups held firm. Free range double whammied, ethically produced but not paid for Coffee they claim it to be.

    Strange mystical names! We can’t call them delusional for they are names that as the Master noted in his Golden Book of Everything that Yatters Matters where in on page 73 it is understood that cyber villagers never have to explain rationale.

    Strange names are what they are but are no more than what they be – strange and wonderful. Yet tongue twisters they be which methinks thinks FlutterMatter, are found by those who relish the joy of talons gripping tight, to be a tongue twist quite not right .

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters the Master noted that in villages where newly fantastic names appear with each sip of that Double Whammy coffee, he who knew oft’ found the brew askew.

    “Up Karma, Up” – higher and beyond this village of cyber sippers must we go to find your glasses once crafted by an ancient Photoshopper in a place forbidden to most except those who reached the highest levels in Master’s ways. Find them we must for the truth to be seen though dark, is out there.


    • boomerjack says:

      [Heavy sigh] Karma has her work cut out for her…but already she rises to the occasion.


    • daisylegs says:

      I know the great Heammawihio-Wakonda [not her full name…I may not divulge that to those not of the Realm], and know also the foolish pigeon has no idea what he is in for…Just Barkin’


  4. Larry says:

    Karma’s work

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters it may less were she able to see with her Elton John Pink diamond encrusted blue tooth enabled glasses. Poor bird is truly high maintenance without them.


  5. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters Karma Big Feathers aka Heammawihio-Wakonda to those who once stole her tail feathers while napping, causing her to fly in circles which precluded her from escaping the ravages of the BigAMist and to whom and to which she holds intent unmentionable in this cyber booklet of wizardry also caused her to believe that she suffers from muliple personalities which as we know is simply not the case.

    By happenstance and the blinding reflection from the massive bumpers of that ultra cool and shiny car did she by ways in which only the Master could divine find the compassionate wisdom of her dear friend and counsel FlutterMatters who knowing more than some and less than others waited for Karma on a high visable remote and windswept sand dune. Birds of a feather they are thinks FlutterMatters as he recalls the times he and Karma shared with the Master in that place far off.

    Dine they shall on the wisdoms and thoughts of the Master with her friend in learning and all things good as he FlutterMatters guides her forth to find her most needed and cherished not to mention necessary, Elton John Pink diamond studded blue tooth enabled glasses.

    Wonder he does thinks FlutterMatters secure in the talons of Karma, if the suspicious brown and white had her paw in this muddle of this intrigue and considered presumption? The sherrif’s skillfull sleuthness and appreciation for fine talons thinks FlutterMatters, might help to resolve this question but such direction exclusive domain of The Codger.


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