Planning the Campaign


He’ll be here soon, I’m sure,” Millie Gamboge was standing too-close for Big A’s comfort as always, “Peter went to find him.”

Brother Dickie has never been on time for anything,” Roscoe Berhaven said quietly.

Now is not the time for this, Roscoe,” Clive Smith whispered, “Big A is close to a tantrum.”

He’s always close to a tantrum, y’just never know what will set him off.”

What are you guys talking about?” Big A noticed the whispers.

We been talking about the mood of the electorate,” Bill Shadbush lied, something he was very good at, “And how a lot of th’ boys is not happy with Sheriff ‘Law and Order’ Haven. Seems he stepped down hard on a couple of them.”

That’s what I pay him to do, keeps the attention off of us.”

Season V—Chapter II—Recall, Episode 5:

“That's what I pay him to do, keeps the attention off of us.”

Sheriff Richard Haven was just finishing a stop at a Moosehead City Café on his “Stop the Recall” campaign to keep his job. He was in friendly territory there; the place was known for it’s anti-reservation clientele. Haven knew that a recall election was generally not something that would draw a lot of voters. Generally. This time he was sure the Indians on the Rez would turn out close to one-hundred percent to unseat him—but white folks? Most he talked to liked his hard-core law and order methods; as long as he didn’t hassle them. And he didn’t, he knew who buttered his bread.

He saw Peter Schwarzkopf motioning to him to hurry up; he liked the idea of being late for his meeting with Simpson, but figured now would be just late enough by the time they got to Big A’s office without causing the fat man to go completely ballistic. They arrived a half-hour later.

They arrived a half-hour later.

Nice of you to show up Sheriff, you were expected twenty minutes ago.”

I was firming up the base, Al. If they don’t show up Friday to vote…”

Oh…Well then, let’s get down to planning the next couple of days work.” Simpson replied. It wasn’t lost on anyone in the office that Haven had gotten by with calling Simpson “Al.” No one EVER called him Al, not even Millie.

Who do you think will run for sheriff if Dickie here is recalled?” Roscoe asked, successfully peeving his younger brother.

He’d better not be recalled! They’d probably get that Indian police lieutenant, or worse, that she-marshal,” Shaddock was not happy about either prospect—not happy at all!

You’ll never guess WHO will run for Sheriff, Gentle Reader; but you may TRY…

To be Continued…

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10 Responses to Planning the Campaign

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ooooh, someone we’d never guess? … Well, I’m ruling out PepperCooper because he can’t drive … Hmmmm?


  2. Firming up the base? That she-marshal? Geez, those guys need to get a grip.


  3. Susan Miller says:

    She Marshall for President! :))


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Run for Sheriff???? I can not think who that would be looking forward to that answer.


  5. Larry says:

    Momentarily distracted from the mission at hand – FlutterMatters who in the firm and gentle hold of Karma’s recently manicured and painted talons made soft by the ways of those who know the ways of making things soft which some say, can only be achieved by those who understand the Putnam, a place the Master noted in his book of places, directs Karma to yet a higher level so as to encompass more of the universe beneath them in the continuing hope of finding Karma’s Elton John Pink Diamond Encrusted blue tooth enable glasses. Secure FlutterMatters taking a moment to reflect as only FlutterMatters can to consider the question – “Who do you think will run for sheriff ”

    Methinks he thinks as he thinks thinks FlutterMatters, this entire election thing be similar to ‘going roque’.

    It is without doubt he thinks in his thoughts as he thinks, thinks FlutterMatters, the true result will be ‘Pail-in’ in comparison to the reality of whose bread is buttered. The codger methinks thinks FlutterMatters, has a bucket full of cyber thoughts that can be seen from Alaska as each thought dribbles out of that codgery old bucket’s rusty hole.


    • boomerjack says:

      “…as each thought dribbles out of that codgery old bucket’s rusty hole.” What, exactly, does this mean? ROFLMAO


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