On the Road—Washington County 15 and an Old Barn

Sometimes a trip out of Saint Paul is good for the soul and last Saturday was just the day for that. Sunny, cool and breezy; a perfect day to break out the Cyber-1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible and take it for a cruise.

A cruise in more fun with friends, so Daisy & I stopped by Joe’s Café and Coffee (Pretty Good Food and Great Coffee) to grab Carl.Boomer Jack Boardman Daisy and Carl outside Joe's

Soon we were on our way. Heading east out of Saint Paul through Woodbury on Interstate 94, we were greeted by the sun.Eastbound into the rising Sun on I94

We turned north on Washington County Road 15/Manning Trail and continued north through Stillwater (there is a slight detour along Minnesota Hwy 5) until just past the intersection of County 15 & County 4.Washington County Road 15

It is there that we came to one of my favorite barns…have I mentioned I really like old barns? I came to like old barns when I was child and spent part of each summer on my aunt’s farm up in Pine County. I noticed this one some years ago while making deliveries in Forest Lake.Barn on Washington County Rd 15

We lingered for a while there before returning to Saint Paul…the position of the sun made windshield photography out of the question until we turned on to Market Street in Downtown Saint Paul and passed by the historic Landmark Center (on our left), the Gothic former Federal Courthouse and the beautiful Hamm Building directly ahead to the right.Landmark Center & Hamm Building

A refreshing little excursion to be sure! Who knows where we’ll go next, the only sure thing is that we will spend more time on the road to try and capture some of what makes this a great place to live and work!


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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6 Responses to On the Road—Washington County 15 and an Old Barn

  1. Sweet Woman says:

    Love that ride! That Daisy is a trooper now..she sure knows how to travel! :)) really nice work Jack!


  2. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters the brown and white still suffering from the Blue Butt Bite now believes herself to be a rear view mirror. Poor brown and white. 😦


    • daisylegs says:

      You are stuck on a mountain top…you’re not really here…not really here…not really here…not really here…not really here…AR-ROOO!


  3. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters as he thinks about it, such thoughts are profoundly circumspect and are a views of the worldly, unworldy and perhaps though unknown for certain for it really doesn’t matter if it is most certainly uncertain are however, something that one must accept while remaining unsure – the conjured manifestations conjured of the codger.

    It is most certain that these trivets of pithy insight derived from the wisdoms shared by the Master are to be recognized as distant observation which prevails as noted in the Annals of What To Do When Alone on a Cold Blue Mountain, to be nothing more although it could be more than you would expect – Blue Mount POOFS.

    The blue truth Methinks thinks FlutterMatters, is that the brown and white manifests yet another disorder associated with Blue Butt Bite which to those who are wordly in all things metaphysical yet remain as required, in touch of reality will recognize as Arooing Trooperitis. A debilitating illness wherein the patient envisions themselves as an automobile mirror that always reflects what was.

    OOO rrr-A!


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