Planning the Silverthorn Campaign


There was no laughing across the bay and atop the South Bluff. When Big A learned that there were three candidates in addition to his man Haven, he realized they’d have to campaign against all of them instead of smearing just one. Turning to Peter Schwarzkopf, “Are you sure Silverthorn trusts you?”Ace Returns to the Cabin

Not entirely, but I’ll be testing his trust when we meet after he registers tomorrow when I suggest he begin his campaign by going after McCoy hard to try and knock him out of the race.”

What about the marshal?”

You have Haven go after her. That will help us knock off two of the three primary candidates.”

Still, this is going to be more difficult than I thought,” Big A concluded.

Season V—Chapter 3—Episode 7:

The following morning Peter “Ace” Schwarzkopf met with Lt. Hiram Silverthorn near Hunter Park. The two had much to discuss; Ell-Tee had to ensure his campaign would fail and Ace had to ensure Ell-Tee’s campaign would fail as well. But for very different reasons. More importantly, neither could let the other know that they shared the same end result.A meeting at Hunter Park

The Reservation vote was considered by both to be a foregone conclusion as they discussed where Silverthorn should campaign and it was quickly determined spending time there was not necessary.

They also agreed that spending valuable time campaigning in the Village of Danger Bay was equally unwise as the marshal was “their” candidate. Silverthorn let on that his parents were supporting her and outright told him his “place” was on the Rez.

So, that leaves us with Moosehead City and all the little cafés and bars in the townships away from Danger Bay and the Reservation,” Schwarzkopf said, “That will be a tough sell.”

It will. There are a very small but very vocal number of people who have the same view of Indians as Shadbush & Haven do in the townships—that only Euro-Americans are ‘Real Americans,’ and all others need not apply and should just go back where they came from. I find that sadly humorous, considering.”

Do you know when your people arrived?”

Not precisely, but well before Columbus set sail.”

To be continued…

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9 Responses to Planning the Silverthorn Campaign

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I need more coffee to keep up with the scheming …


  2. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters the intrigue of the election is as fascinating as to the where abouts of Karma Big Feathers.

    Thinking about the thought as he thinks about it FlutterMatters notices a strange green thing blending in with the bushes directly behind the sherriff. From a distance and flying faster than fast it appears to be the brown and white in green disguise. No longer pretending to be a Blue Butt Bite casualty assuming the position of a rear view mirror methinks thinks FlutterMatters the brown and white is an election spy disguised as a monument!

    That must be it methinks thinks FlutterMatters as he reaches for the anti-reflective glass cleaner needed to tart up the Elton John Pink Diamond Encrusted Blue Tooth enabled monacle of truth the Master so wisely hid in his Canadian hand crafted with super duper lite weight but ultra strong stitching that allows him to fly faster than fast through all types of weather, that once cleaned the truth will be known about the brown and white’s new deviousness. Such a sneak, methinks thinks FlutterMatters, a game afoot worthy of the Master.


    • boomerjack says:

      The “Brown & White” is and remains in Saint Paul, as he well knows having seen him there on Saturday. If Flutters cleans but one lens of the Elton John Pink Diamond Encrusted Blue Tooth enabled FLIGHT GOGGLES he may begin to fly in right turn circles. 😀


  3. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters the brown and white is surely lonesome and which thinks FlutterMatters as he thinks about it, explains the rear view for the brown and white at a loss for losing Friends of Adventure looks back to exciting Blue Butt times. Perhaps the brown and white will be charmed and be POOFED to a new dimension.

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that it may be unknown to the codger that the Master anticipated the exact event which the codger now notes.

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters the codger, is experiencing a senior’s moment or has been election scheming and as a result has forgotten or remains conveniently unaware of which neither are dispersions but rather as statement of cyber certainty, that the Master, moments before stitching the one and only for there is only one Elton John Pink Diamond Encrusted Blue Tooth Enbabled monacle into FlutterMatters’ Canadian hand crafted with super duper lite weight but ultra strong stitching that allows him to fly faster than fast through all types of weather, did mere seconds before the final stitch was stitched and just before the final knot was tied did incorporate the smallest of small which those who know if they knew would recognize it as a yet to be discovered by those who have not taken the Master’s flight school course as a NACONOPE – NAno COunterveiling gyroscOPE, into FlutterMatters’ deluxe aviators helmut.

    Designed to exacting standards necessary for such potentially dizzying circumstance, by those who live in the secret blue green mountains beyond the west yet closer than the far east to offset any deviation in flight path while using anti-reflective glass cleaner precludes such a flight pattern suggested by the codger. This be the truth, for truth monacles can only tell the truth and as it is understood it is therefore, the truth. As he thinks about it, thinks FlutterMatters, since this is the truth it can be none other.

    At least he thinks, thinks FlutterMatters, that is what the Master would have him believe.


  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    The fiction within these comments about fiction make me dizzy. The bird’s brain trust certainly has an elastic imagination. 🙂


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