More Vacation planning…


Hiram Silverthorn, Sr. mulled over the conversation. Unlike Sarah and Chris he’d lived in cyberspace and was well-aware that just when you thought you were ready, something strange would occur, “You should consider packing for longer than you think.”

Hiram Silverthorn mulled over the Conversation

Hiram Silverthorn mulled over the Conversation

Good point, Hiram,” Sarah had been through some unexpected adventures, “Chris, lets plan on leaving in two hours. That’ll give us enough time to pack enough for any contingency.”

Is there enough room in the plane?”

There’s always enough room in a cyber-airplane.”

Shouldn’t you guys let Boomer & Big Mac know you’re coming?” Kiwi Silverthorn asked.

You should let them know you’re flying down there,” Marshal Blackmon was well-aware of Boomer & Mac’s somewhat impetuous nature—after all hadn’t they left Danger Bay with little advance notice?

Where’s the surprise in that?” Sarah laughed, “Let’s get going Chris!”

Season V—Chapter 5—Episode 3:

Meanwhile, in Old Saint Paul:

I think it’s time for a road trip.”

Where?” Carl “Big Mac” McIntyre shoved his now-empty mug across the counter to be topped off with some of “Proud Czech” Josef Rusicka’s organically and shade-grown, Fair Trade, French-Roast coffee.

I’m not sure…”

The ‘Tall Ships’ will be in Duluth this week,” Collie McIntyre was looking at a brochure filled with glossy photos of some of the sailing ships expected.

Oooo, may I see that?” Collie handed the brochure to Boomer, “Oh yeah! The ‘Pride of Baltimore’ will be there. We saw her when we were in Boston back in 2000!”

Joe's Café & Coffee Time for a Road Trip

Joe's Café & Coffee Time for a Road Trip

Or, we could go south to the river bluffs below Lake Pepin.”

The Tall Ships won’t be there, Carl.”

I would like some more artesian well water please, People-dog Josef,” Daisy arfed politely, “Alpha-Jack, if we’re going to see the Tall Ships, shouldn’t we go to Danger Bay and take the Falcon? We could see them better and be part of the event.”

Good idea, Beagle-Breath, what do you guys think?”

Let’s pack up and leave tomorrow after breakfast!”

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to More Vacation planning…

  1. boomerjack says:

    Right now at 4:55 AM, we’re gettin’ ready for the REAL North Shore and the REAL Tall Ships!


  2. Can’t wait to see the photos!!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Have a great trip! Sounds like worlds are about to collide! 🙂


  4. Sweet Woman says:

    Now that’s a fine howdy do!


  5. boomerjack says:

    Thanks all. We got to “see” at a distance only one of the ships. See today’s (Thursday) post. 😦


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