Lost in (Cyber) Space!


Buttons remained silent for a moment, then decided to try and talk to Peopledog Collie. She turned and…”ARF!

They found no one on the Bus

They found no one on the Bus

Collie was gone; her seat behind the wheel—empty! The canine friends didn’t panic—all too experienced in the vagaries of cyberspace to panic. They did, however begin a search of the bus.

They searched the passenger area, on, behind and under every seat and found no one. They checked the basement storage area—nope no one there!

They checked the upper level: The common room, Big Mac & Collie’s suite, Boomer & Daisy’s suite, Sarah & PepperCooper’s suite, Chris & Button’s suite and the large galley—and found no one…

Season V—Chapter 5—Episode 11:

It is pretty hard to confuse these three companions—how else would each have been knighted by the great Wolvenking Ringo as “CanineKnights of the Realm?” Confused they were and it was about to get even more confusing for the smallish CanineKnights.

The wildly rushing scenery changed suddenly; Adventure Bus no longer careening down the highway at impossible speeds but completely stopped; stopped in a place never before seen by any living canine.

Adventure Bus in Cyberspace

Adventure Bus in Cyberspace

What are we looking at?” Daisy cocked her head first to the right and then to the left straining to make sense of what her keen eyes perceived.

I have no idea, this is too weird for me,” PepperCooper barked.

I sense peopledogs!” Buttons arfed with conviction.

Somewhere away Boomer was trying to puzzle out where exactly they were, “I don’t know this place in cyberspace…”

I don't know this place in Cyberspace

I don't know this place in Cyberspace

In all our travels “poofing” and “popping” here and there through cyberspace I’ve not seen anything like this!”

Meanwhile—Back in the Port of Danger Bay:

Millie was concerned that Allen Stanley Simpson was moving too fast, “You really think we can purchase the services of the Sheriff?”

I’m pretty sure but I want to hear from Ace first,” Simpson replied. He really wasn’t sure, but it looked promising.

Big A and Henchmen at Gamboge Cabin

Big A and Henchmen at Gamboge Cabin

Ace is a jerk!” Shadbush never much liked Millie’s younger brother. In fact he really didn’t like Millie all that much—he didn’t cotton to women telling men what to do and being all uppity—women, the way he figured were required to serve men…it was Biblical, “An’ you oughta learn yer place an’ leave the decidin’ to Big A.”

THAT was a very big mistake. Before Millie could react Ace arrived at the cabin and he had news…

To be Continued…


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14 Responses to Lost in (Cyber) Space!

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  2. Sweet Woman says:

    🙂 He didn’t “cotton” to it Ive never heard of such ! You come up with some lingo Jack..guess thats what writers do 🙂 wonder where everybody went to now? hmm


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m wondering how I’ll refill this coffee from wherever we are now …


  4. larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that if you ‘cotton’ to the notion this be home sweet home.


  5. larry says:

    Noticebly deficient according to the Master’s dusty and rarely used book entitled ‘Where are We’ is a pair of Ruby slippers that will fit only one person who then must have the gumption to click their heels. The Master having noticed the codgers dilemma offers a few words of guidance in noting that “this ain’t Kansas”.


    • boomerjack says:

      The bird-brain’s “Master” may just find one of those ruby slippers planted securely where the sun don’t shine… 😀


  6. Larry says:

    Unaware of gardens in space and curious to know more, thinking about it FlutterMatters asks – “Only One?” What shall become of the other? Be this another Mystery in space?


  7. Larry says:

    On the beak – oh my!
    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters that would be a ‘Nah’! Rubies and Pink Diamond encrusted monacles constitute a fashion faux pas. Sufficient methinks to cause Elton to miss his high note.
    One does need to maintain a sense of these things – even in cyber space. While thinking about methinks even poofing dogs would never succumb to such travisty. ‘Decorum’ must be maintained said the Master!


  8. Chris Shouse says:

    I wish Shadbush could see this finger I am aiming at him and he could spin on it!!!!
    Love the lost in space pic…thinnest I have looked in years:)


  9. boomerjack says:

    It’s a strange place, cyberspace….yes it is. 😀


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