You’re FIRED!


By ‘disappear’ you mean…?”


You aren’t serious,” Millie had no love for any of those guys, but still…

I am quite serious.”

Permanently,” Big A repeated. It was something he had thought about, “and replace them with?”

Professionals who know how to fit in; Call LeVasque in Canada, he knows plenty of American pros looking to move up. People who know how to fit in and have good new identities and backgrounds.”

Deputy Ace joins Big A and Henchmen at Gamboge Cabin

“You're fired—now get out!”

Make it happen, Millie.”

Season V—Chapter 5—Episode 13:

Millie walked over to the once and soon to be former henchmen, looked them over her gaze lingering on Shadbush longer than the others, “You’re fired—now get out!”

Stunned the four muttered a few threats and quickly departed. They retired to Shadbush’s cabin on Randolph Road just north of the Eagle Point Band’s Reservation to lick their wounds, drink some homebrew and plot their revenge. “We can bring ’em down!” Shadbush exclaimed after a cup or six of the brew, “We can bring ’em down, right and proper!”

It wasn’t long before they were all in a stupor and not long after that sleeping it off.

Early the following morning, Karen Stryker got the call from Rene LeVasque. Yes, THAT Karen Stryker—planted in the village of Danger Bay more than a year ago, was employed by LeVasque and now works directly for Deputy Peter Schwarzkopf. The contract was made and Karen prepared for the job with a very wide smile indeed.

Karen Stryker got the call

Karen Stryker got the call

Aboard the Baltimore Clipper Falcon Crewman Lars Larson also received a call from Rene LeVasque and made himself ready for his assignment; he was to meet Karen Stryker in ten minutes.

Falcon Crewman Lars Larson also received a Call

Falcon Crewman Lars Larson also received a call

It was not all that unusual to see Stryker and Larson at Silverthorn’s Café in the morning; it WAS a bit unusual for either to be there quite this early. Hiram Silverthorn had just made the first pot of coffee and he and his old friend Lar Farkleberry were enjoying a mug of coffee and a little conversation. Medlar Farkleberry was as always the first customer in the door and the two of them were engaged in their usual banter when Stryker and Larson walked up to the counter.

Lar Farkleberry had been restoring old cars for most of his life and was largely responsible for all the ancient bits of “Detroit Iron” plying the roads arounn the Port of Danger Bay.

G’Mornin’ Miz Stryker, how’s that ol’ Ford runnin’?”

It is running fine, Herr Farkleberry,” Stryker liked to affect a bit of a German accent—even though she could speak accent-free English. For Karen, it was a trademark, so to speak.

Stryker and Larson at Silverthorn's Café

Stryker and Larson at Silverthorn's Café

The conversation ebbed and flowed, as early morning conversations always do until Larson asked Stryker, “Would you be going anywhere near Moosehead City today, Freulein Stryker?”

She was and the two of them departed in the pre-dawn light for Moosehead City. The half-hour journey would take the over an hour to complete.

Hiram & Lar continued their banter and thought nothing of the unusually-early visit by Stryker & Larson. They should have.

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to You’re FIRED!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Karen?! I’m shocked!


  2. Holy cow. This is testing the memory this morning and… there’s Monday morning intrigue!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    What a shocking turn of events!!! Karen!!! The wench!!!! Well you do spin an excellent tale…..


  4. boomerjack says:

    Karen might take some exception to being called a wench…or not. 🙂


  5. Larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters it was all in the cup handles no there he sees. Sad that no one drinks tea – perhaps the leaves might have hinted.
    As to the codgers memory well… methinks thinks Fluttermatters, the Master would suggest Ginko Biloba to provide relief. 🙂


    • boomerjack says:

      For once (and I REALLY hate to write this) the bird makes some kinda sense, at least on the cup handles; but I fail to see what that insurance-hawking little lizard might do for my memory


  6. Larry says:

    Little lizard?? Is this another mystery? According to the Master’s book on things green Ginko is a plant.

    Ah methinks thinks FlutterMatters, the codger is throwing out a ‘this’ when it is really ‘that’ . Clever codger he be.


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