Rene Levasque and Clyde Peltier


Lars Larson yawned and didn’t consciously notice the emergency service truck pass as they were returning to Danger Bay after spending time in Moosehead City, “So now we go back to being upstanding citizens of the village.”

Yah, we should get back in time for me to open Der Biergarten at ten. There are usually one or two patrons who just can’t wait for their morning beer.”

You’d best drop me off just outside of the village, we shouldn’t be seen together.”

Better I should drop you off at the Gift Shop, you can chat with the old bats who own the place. It was no secret that you hitched a ride to Moosehead City with me, and those ladies waved at us when we were leaving this morning.”

I didn’t see that. Good idea.”

Season V—Chapter 5—Episode 19:

Leaving Lars at Log Cabin Gifts and returning their cheerful wave, Stryker hurried to get to Der Biergarten in time for it’s usual 10 am opening; there was always at least one person waiting. Larson returned the wave and walked up to their shop, “G’mornin’ Eleanor, Marion. How’s business today?”

Leaving Lars at Log Cabin Gifts

“G'mornin' Eleanor, Marion. How's business today?”

Oh, we’ve had a few customers; just ‘looking’ mostly,” Eleanor replied, “if all the lookers made a purchase…”

We’d be rich!” Marion, as she often does, finished her sister’s sentence, “Where are you headed?”

Silverthorn’s for some lunch, I’ve been up since five this morning and my stomach has taken to grumble. Care to join me?”

Oh, I’m afraid we can’t. We must be here for the noon rush.”

Oh Marion! We don’t have a noon rush!”

A girl can hope, can’t she?”

Rene LeVasque was in the village at Deputy Schwarzkopf’s request. He was needed to oversee the rebuilding of Schwarzkopf’s…er..Big A’s organization. He was not known in the Port of Danger Bay, a man in his late forties, he was born in Detroit, Michigan under the name Clyde Peltier. His father Jean Peltier, was a medical doctor and the head of a vast Canadian criminal cartel.

Within days after Clyde’s birth, the good doctor crossed the Detroit River into Windsor, Ontario and under his Canadian name, LeVasque, created a Canadian birth certificate in the name of Rene LeVasque, as delivered by Dr. Jean LeVasque.

LeVasque was hungry and the best place in town for a meal (of course) Silverthorn’s Café. He sat at one of the trestle tables and soon Kiwi Silverthorn was there with coffee in hand, “Good morning and welcome to Silverthorn’s; coffee?”

LeVasque was having coffee at Silverthorn's Café

“Good morning and welcome to Silverthorn's; coffee?”

Please and perhaps a menu?”

Levasque/Peltier placed his order and then noticing all the tourists boarding the Sparrow, asked, “Are there any wilderness outfitters here?”

No, not here. There is one in Moosehead City.”

Then, perhaps I will open one…”

To be Continued…

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  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    And Danger Bay grows again …


  2. Sweet Woman says:

    He looks quite like a Canadian..:)


  3. Will you need any help in the men’s fitting room?


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