A near-perfect Landing


DAMMIT” Daisy bayed under her dog-breath and promptly curled up on Gandolf’s spacious back seat. And fell fast asleep.

Wake up hound!”

Daisy was a little disoriented for a second or two; she bounded out of the car and looked up, “It has my name on it!”

P51 Mustangs

"It has my name on it!"

Wanna go for a ride?”

Meanwhile…a certain pigeon we all know was having himself a very nice flight somewhere over Moosehead County…

Season V—Chapter 6—Episode 2:

Climbing over Saint Paul

Climbing over Saint Paul

Soon they were airborne and climbing over Old Saint Paul, Minnesota. Reaching the desired altitude Boomer decided to see just what the old Mustang had and slid the throttle to the stop; the big Rolls-Royce Merlin V-1650-3 engine delivering 1,695 horsepower responded with deep howl; the airplane quickly accelerating to over 400 mph.

A deep-throated sound unlike anything FlutterMatters had ever heard began to intrude upon his disjointed thoughts of the Master. As the sound began overwhelm those thoughts he became just conscious enough of the sound to turn to look…

Before he could turn the sound was beyond him and rapidly diminishing in the distance; but he didn’t notice that. He was spinning at an alarming number of revolutions per minute.

Spinning Flutters

Spinning Flutters

The only question I have at this point, Gentle Reader: Do you suppose he’ll ever stop spinning?

You just flew over the bay, Sarah, aren’t we going to land?”

We are; soon. At Danger Bay Field on top of the South Bluff.”

I didn’t know this plane had wheels…”

Shaddock Farkleberry installed new amphibious pontoons a month or two ago,” Sarah smiled (she does that a lot), “and I’ve been practicing landings and take offs.”

It’s a long walk…”

Your SUV is already there, waiting for us, right Buttons?”


Sarah entered the airport’s traffic pattern heading due west (270º) she turned into the downwind leg heading northwest (315º). On the downwind leg she scanned the airfield for traffic (there is NO air traffic control here). “Hey look! There another airplane parked down there!”

It is an airport, Sarah.”Arriving at Danger Bay Field Arriving at Danger Bay Field

Passing through the base leg and throttling back she turned into the final approach (135º) and brought the L16 in for a smooth landing (truth to tell, the starboard main wheel touched down a millisecond before the port wheel), and taxied towards the main hangar. “It’s a big DeHaviland; I’m told they’re great bush-planes. I wonder whose it is?”

To be Continued…

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16 Responses to A near-perfect Landing

  1. Sweet Woman says:

    You must be a pilot yourself..you sure do know a lot about planes an have quite a collection of them here 🙂 nice!


  2. Oh, Captain, I love your amphibious pontoons!


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    You had to tell ’em the starboard main wheel touched down just before the port? I mighta’ got by with that …. 😉


  4. Larry says:

    Once or maybe it was more methinks thinks FlutterMatters as he thinks about it that this ‘spinning’ as the codger kindly refers to it occurred before but as FlutterMatters thinks further it was he recalls over a bird of a different feather.

    That bird roared with the sound of 2000 Double Wasp horses but – all FlutterMatters heard was a purrrrrrr.

    In polite company she was known as Ms. Grumman but to those who were close called her HellCat. She and her older sister WildCat, stirred many with their power and acrobatic abilities. Thinking about it FlutterMatters remembered that it was HellCat with her two 1000 pounders that stood many proud. She was a knockout! 🙂


  5. larry says:

    Folding his wings – methinks thinks FlutterMatters a Roll with Royce is much like Spit on a Fire which could never match the spin experienced with a HellCat.


  6. larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters as he recognizes the tail of that which disturbed the air space that riding a Mustang might be as turbulent as the up and down action caused by wind shear.

    Bold in presumption methinks thinks FlutterMatters that Miss Suzie our counsellor of all things related to riding wild horses, could instruct on the proper procedure to perform when one needs to hold on. 🙂


    • boomerjack says:

      It is fortunate that our fine marshal is not reading this (I suspect…one never REALLY knows) or she might just give you an answer…with a twist. 😀


  7. larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters our revered counsellor could put a new spin on it. 🙂


  8. larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters of that Johnny Cash tune.

    Confirming his thought that he had a second ago but now thinks that it might not be a thought at all he conferred with the Master who seemed assured that if you spin real fast you become a Ring of Fire.

    Thinking to himself thinks FlutterMatters – perhaps it is more a matter of just getting dizzy.


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