A bumpy Landing


They were enjoying a well-earned mug…of ale…when they heard the approach of an airplane. Lar Farkleberry was not surprised, “I reckon that sound’s the return of Boomer an’ Daisy, I was expectin’ them t’show up jist about…now.”

And sure enough…as he spoke the words and olive-drab colored old fighter-plane skimmed over the trees on it’s final approach; it’s big engine popping and backfiring a bit as Boomer brought the protesting plane in for an okay landing. “Sure glad Big Mac ain’t here t’see that controlled-crash; he’d be all over Boomer fer that’one.”

Landing P51B named Daisy at Danger Bay Field

“Sure glad Big Mac ain't here t'see that controlled-crash..."

What th’ heck’s he doin’ back, anyways?”

Jest t’bug you, Heck, jest t’bug you.”

Season V—Chapter 6—Episode 5:

As they taxiied towards the main hangar they could see Heck & Lar laughing and pointing in their direction; Boomer was a little perplexed but Daisy had it nailed, “They’re laughing at your landing.”

Boomer & Daisy taxi to the Main Hangar

“What was wrong with my landing, dog-breath? We're still alive, aren't we?”

What was wrong with my landing, dog-breath? We’re still alive, aren’t we?”

Barely,” Daisy bayed, “with each bounce of the main gear I thought for sure we’d nose over.”

That bad?”

Big Mac’d give you a whole lot more crap than these two—he KNOWS how to fly. Would you consider lessons? Please?”

Maybe Cooper will help me out…”

How is it you can fly without lessons, anyway?”

Simple canine-brain, I’m writing the story.”


Lar and Heck walked over as they climbed down from the Mustang and Boomer expected a ration of crap from his friends. Before they could start in, their attention was diverted by a car crossing the runway and approaching.

It was Clyde Peltier, no doubt here to discuss locating his guide and outfitter service here at Danger Bay Field—they’d been expecting him. A slight, short man who looked every bit the part of a wilderness guide; parked his car and began walking over to where the four were standing. Lar sidled over by Boomer and asked, “Are ya gonna take th’ job?”

Meeting at Danger Bay Field

“It's why we're here, Lar.”

It’s why we’re here, Lar.”

G’mornin’ Clyde, we got the fueling station in, up an’ runnin’,” Farkleberry greeted the man, “This-here is Boomer, Manager of Operations of Danger Bay Field. He’ll getcha set up w’a location fer yer office.”

Doc Shouse dropped Sarah off before returning to PawZ where she found a new “tenant,” Alice, awaiting her arrival, “I’m told Doctor, that you may have room here at your inn for a canine explorer—such as myself?”

Alice checks in to PawZ

“I'm told Doctor, that you may have room here..."

Inn?” Chris thought to herself, “My goodness, how unusual.”

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to A bumpy Landing

  1. Don’t forget that beautiful Alice has a penchant for the original Mrs. Miller’s Applecake.


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I think all of Danger Bay might have a penchant for Mrs. Miller’s Applecake!


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    🙂 Love it..Alice is so polite..its like you already know her ..she is truly that way!
    Im so excited for her journey and she is waggin her tail as we speak and grinning jus as you have captured her here! Wonderful!
    BTW.. Alice can sniff out a apple cake a mile away! 🙂
    Thank you so much yu made our day! 🙂


  4. larry says:

    Methinks thinks FlutterMatters there were times in the past when fingers pointed towards landings he had made. Through indepth research and the use of an handy dandy carpenters level it was determined via the consensus of one that bumpy landings were invariably the result of ‘bumps’ on or in the road.

    As the Master noted in his Gold Leaf leather bound hand stitched volume – the cover being as the Master noted – a gift from a long lost Inca tribe which he titled ‘Life is a Highway’, noted that one should be cautious of pebbles.


  5. larry says:

    Befuddled he be thinks FlutterMatters. Attempting to understand the codger he thinks having thought about it, that perhaps the codger is being circuitous in dizzying analysis.

    Could it be, puzzles FlutterMatters, that the codger is thinking Pebbles = Flintstone = dinosaur thoughts (known to affect codgers) = old runways with bumps = Applecake?


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