The curious world of Danger Bay


Deputy Tom McLintock parked next to Schwarzkopf, “What’s up Pete?”

Look at the trunk-lid.”


Black gunpowder, I think.”

Was she speeding?” Andrew asked; it didn’t seem to him that the old Ford was driving all that fast as they followed it all the way to Moosehead City. They had parked across the street and were watching this little drama play out.

Others observed Stryker stopped in Moosehead City

“Was she speeding?”

No, she drove annoyingly slow, no faster that five under the posted.”

Season V—Chapter 7—Episode 14:

They watched as the woman appeared to protest; was searched, cuffed and finally placed in the back of the second deputy’s squad. It was over in minutes and not only that, but a tilt truck arrived almost too-quickly and loaded up the old blue Ford and drove off.

Hey, nice cap Andrew. And your jacket changed—how’d you do that?”

Nice cap Andrew

“Hey, nice cap Andrew. And your jacket changed—how'd you do that?”

How’d YOU do that? You weren’t wearing a pea coat & beret a second ago?”

Spooky place, this blog!”

Oh my, Gentle Reader—do ya think I was too obvious?

The first deputy walked over, “You two should move along now, the show is over.”

Move along now

“You two should move along now, the show is over.”

We’re just watching; what’d she do?”

I said move along! This is none of your concern.”

We’re leaving. C’mon Andrew, I’m hungry.”

I need an Ale O’Clock.”

Millie Gamboge transferred funds from Big A’s slush fund into Sheriff McCoy’s special account and then from that account (she had all the correct routing information; Simpson foolishly, it turns out trusted her) to two other secret accounts. Both Lars Larson and Karen Stryker became ten thousand dollars richer with just a few keystrokes; too bad they didn’t know it and would never get to spend a dime of it.

Millie Gamboge transferred funds

Millie Gamboge transferred funds from Big A's slush fund...

She then placed a call to the Duluth bank where McCoy’s secret account was established and told the manager to make note of the money transfers. Frederick W. Spendrift was more than happy to call the FBI with his suspicions about the transactions; he should be happy—he’s well-paid to be that kind of happy.

An hour later two FBI special-agents departed Duluth for the Port of Danger Bay.

The ship’s interior inspection completed, Jimmy, Trigg, Molly and Cob descended the gangplank; Cob was last off the ship and the first to turn around, “Look! The ship has changed!”

The ship changed

“Look! The ship has changed!”

No big surprise. Do you know how many times the Sparrow changed on the voyage to Florida? At least four major changes. Now…about her name…”

Ah…the curious world of Danger Bay…

To be Continued…

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11 Responses to The curious world of Danger Bay

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  2. It was over in minutes…. you always make me reminisce.


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    “Ale O’Clock” – he sounds just like his Dad!


  4. Ale O’clock caught my attention, too. And yet, I’m more curious about moving money around.


    • boomerjack says:

      Perhaps a little money secretly changing hands…except the bank VP was paid to “notice” the transfer of funds. Methinks there’s a double-cross going on. Just speculatin’.


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Sigh so much intrigue…do you think she could move some money into my account? I need it:)


  6. Sweet Woman says:

    🙂 I could also a lil some Jack you have been quite busy here 🙂 thanks!


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