A place to stay


Flighty,” Daisy bayed.

I could eat him,” Cujo added with a crooked grin, “…if you’d like.”

No, Cujo, I’ve grown to like him…after a fashion.”

Suit yourself, little sister.”

Daisy did just that. Soon her give-away tail began to wag—as usually is the case—involuntarily. They heard the door behind them open and her tail wagged even harder. She wished it wouldn’t do the; it was kind of annoying.

It’s people-dog Erik!”

Season V—Chapter 8—Episode 7:

I know you Daisy, but I’ve never heard you speak,” Erik realized he wasn’t in Kansas anymore, not that he was, mind you, it’s just a figure of speech, “Do all dogs speak?”

Sarah brought Erik to Silverthorn's Café

“Do all dogs speak?”

Most, but not all.”

Turning his attention to Boomer, “No wonder you weren’t on the yacht, Jack. I could have used someone there who wasn’t a name-dropper…”

Some doofus on the pier wouldn’t let me board ’cause I forgot my invitation…as we speak here the REAL WORLD me is at home…sulking and plotting revenge.”

As they walked to the counter, surrendering the table to the dog-people—PepperCooper was thrilled—THRILLED to meet Cujo and and many questions for the one of a kind Great Northern Beagamute, Erik thought for a moment, “It must have been Jorge (pronounced Hore-Gay), my Irvine Park Press publicist. He’s a jerk.”

He looked like a Horegay.”

Publicist?” Sarah’s curiosity was peaked, “You have a publicist?”

Erik’s novel After Barataria has been a number one best-seller.”

And I haven’t written anything since…but I can see that this Danger Bay could make a great novel…”

Back-off Pilgrim—this-here’s my territory!”

Larry had been listening and could no longer contain himself, “We could use an actual writer here, eh? One who doesn’t automatically put an ‘eh?’ at the end of all my sentences, eh?”

YatterMatters, Boomer,” Sarah looked a little exasperated, “You two are so cute when you argue! Erik? Where will you stay?”

I don’t know, I hadn’t considered that.”

How about on your boat? There’s power there and we can get Lar Farkleberry to put in fresh water and sewer connections—let’s go see him.”

As they left, Larry considered for a moment, “Cute, eh?”

To be Continued…

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    You two are cute when you argue, eh? 🙂


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    Wheres my sweet Alice eh? 🙂


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