Best of Danger Bay, MN: Puzzlement

By Erik Hare, guest writer & author of the Barataria Blog


The paint appeared to be wrinkled and peeling away from three round holes in the side of the trawler. They were large holes, about a half an inch across. Were they … yes, they were, these were bullet holes! Large, military sized round had pierced the Tenstrike. Ines wasn’t sure what to do this late at night, but she knew that first thing in the morning, Susie was going to have to know about it.


When Ines caught up with Susie late the next morning, she already had her hands full. There was a pair of sunglasses and a dark hat labeled “Homeland Security” standing in front of Susie, chatting her up on the street. This stranger naturally made Ines a bit nervous, so news of something like bullet holes seemed better kept quiet for the moment. She looked Susie in the eye and raised her eyebrows, which said it all – ditch the cowboy, I have something to tell you. Susie nodded slowly enough to reply that she was working on it. They caught up later at Swig’s.

Susie & the ICEman

There was a pair of sunglasses and a dark hat labeled “Homeland Security”...

Susie, who was that man?”

I can’t rightly say. He did all the askin’”

I have to tell you, the Tenstrike came back with large bullet holes in it last night!”

Susie nodded. “That’s gotta be part of it. Wonder if that Simpson is in on this?”

Cob told me some things.”

You think he is?”

Good! He saw them leave.”

I like that man pokin’ around without me knowing what’s up.”

You say that like there’s more.”

Ines & Susie at Swigs

“Mayor Maggie is missing. Or at least no one will say.”

Mayor Maggie is missing. Or at least no one will say.”

Ines took a deep breath and realized she’d have to tell the whole story. If Big A was trying to take Danger Bay over by force, there would be a terrible reckoning. Susie’s life could be in danger, too. Whatever was going on, it involved heavy weapons and got the attention of Federal Agents. Ines’ hands shook slightly as she told the long and weary history, struggling hard to swallow her own worst fears.

Susie took it all in the cool confidence that came with the Marshal’s badge. She would start with the Gamboges, the ones who would likely benefit from something like a coup. There was nothing else to do but gather information at this time.

She started with the weaker part of the pair, cornering George Gamboge at Silverthorn’s Café. He was nervous around women, which didn’t help Susie’s attitude one bit.

So you can place your whereabouts all yesterday?”

Marshal Blackmon and George Gamboge at Silverthorn’s Café

“So you can place your whereabouts all yesterday?”

Yes! Of course! I was here all the time. I’m not involved in anything, I swear!”

So you can place your whereabouts all yesterday?”

Can you vouch for Simpson as well?”

Big A? Sure, I saw him yesterday. We weren’t meeting, if that’s what you mean!”

Thank you much for your time. I do appreciate it.”

The sweat poured off of George Gamboge, glistening even in the dim light of the café. It was a scene that everyone present couldn’t help but notice. Within minutes, the entire town had heard how Susie was on the warpath and how badly she made George lose it. Mayor Maggie was indeed missing, as was Big A. Something was up.

Any small town thrives on rumors, but Danger Bay practically eats them for supper. The meal that evening was hotdish of fear spiced with history, baked into a full flavored paranoia. If you walked around Danger Bay that night, you wouldn’t hear the clink of cleaning dishes after a good meal, but the unmistakable ka-CHUNK of cleaned and oiled shotguns, ready for action.

To be Continued…

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  2. Hotdish … ready for action. The Marshal loves a good challenge!


  3. Sweet Woman says:

    Great description of the food in Danger bay!! cool :))


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