Best of Danger Bay, MN: Simpson & Company

By Jack Boardman & Erik Hare, guest writer & author of the Barataria Blog


Although it was said that before he did, Big A was seen unloading many crates of Cuban cigars from the hold.

He was quite happy, he believed had something on the mayor, life will be much better for him from now on….

Simpson & Company

The following morning:

This time we got it right,” an ecstatic Allen Simpson informed his fellow collaborators, “and no one in this room better screw up what Roscoe and I have set up.”

He paused for a few moments, “You got that George?”

He’s got that, Al,” Millicent Gamboge answered for her husband, something she did with annoying regularity, “He’ll not screw up this time will he…George?”

George Gamboge smiled weakly, but said nothing.

Big A and Crew at the Gamboge's

George Gamboge smiled weakly, but said nothing.

I’m picking up a couple of high-speed boats in Duluth this afternoon, Bernhaven & Smith will accompany me. Millie, you are in charge of preparing the facility at the cove. Charley, are the docks ready?”

They are, I’ve been hauling the pieces to the cove for the past week, everything is ready to install.”

What about the mayor?” Millie asked, “And that marshal.”

After our little adventure to Canada, The mayor will not interfere, and she will make sure that throwback marshal leaves us alone.”

And the Tenstrike?” Bernhaven asked.

She’s hidden in the back of my shop,” Charley replied, “I’ve already welded in a new hull-plate where the bullet-holes were and removed her name.”

I’ve already prepared a new registration for her, and when she’s repainted, she’ll be taken down to Duluth and sold,” Simpson smiled…he had friends who could jigger up a false history for the boat. The “Tenstrike” was no more…for all practical purposes.

Everyone seemed excited about Big A’s plan. Well…almost everyone; they didn’t notice that two of their number, although smiling and nodding at just the right times, just didn’t seem to be excited at all, but just going through the motions. They were not really on-board with the plan, but then again, both were not in a position to object, for different reasons…

(Ed Note: Charley Johnson & George Gamboge were the two “not on-board with the plan,” and they soon left the emply of Big A.)

Thus ends this second installment of the “Best of Danger Bay Series.”

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2 Responses to Best of Danger Bay, MN: Simpson & Company

  1. Ah yes… remembering the ‘throwback marshal’ description. 😉


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