Making People Drawings

The usual suspects remained at their usual places at the usual time at Joe’s Café & Coffee (Pretty Good Food & Great CoffeeTM), as this story-line thus far occurred all on the same morning. Seated at the table by the windows we see Andy (blue shirt), a retired mail carrier, and Stan (Gray Shirt), recently retired from 3M Company out there in Maplewood along I94. Standing by the table we find John—the only non-codger early morning regular at Joe’s, at the counter are me, Carl “Big Mac” McIntyre, the now officially a Codger, Boomer Jack, DaisyLegsBeagle, Ambrose and Erik. “Proud Czech” Josef Rusicka is behind the counter, dispensing his famous organically & shade-grown, Fair-Trade, Sumatran-Roast coffee, and occasionally unwanted advice.

At Joe's Café & Coffee—Layed Off

"...dispensing his famous organically & shade-grown, Fair-Trade, Sumatran-Roast coffee..."

Let’s just pick up the conversation where we left off when…Boomer mulled the suggestion, “But is there a market for that, and would it have an acceptable ROI? Those drawings take hours…”

How long?” I asked.

Oh—I’m guessing here—as long as four hours…”

You don’t know?”

Not really. I generally try to do multiple drawings at a time. I have an entire page of just heads, just jackets, hands, mugs, pants, caps and other parts I use to create or update characters.”

You can’t use those for avatars?”

Real World people are more finely defined than cyber-people.”

But we’re talking avatars here…not realist paintings.”

I notice YOU don’t use your avatar-drawing anymore, Carl. Neither does Erik. Ambrose uses one, but not one I drew, his is actually a good caricature avatar.”

Ambrose had been listening to all this, “Why not at least put it out there? Who knows? There may just be a market for your drawings and unless you make it known that you’ll do them, you’ll never know.”

I’ll have to think it over…”

What is there to think over? You make the drawings for fun—why not make them to help pay the bills?”

Okay,” Boomer gave in and turning his gaze towards YOU, dear reader, “If I agree to draw for hire, are you interested and what’s it worth to you, Gentle Reader?”

Well, I guess we convinced our reluctant friend to make an effort…the rest is up to you.

Photo-Graphic by Jack Boardman


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2 Responses to Making People Drawings

  1. Sweet Woman says:

    I put it out there for you 🙂


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