Ringo and company


Whaddaya think, Chief, are we in for it?”

The ride could get bumpy for a while, but no, it doesn’t look like a big one to me, crewman. This your first voyage?”

Cob on the Bridge

"...This your first voyage?”

Aye Chief, I was hired to the SV Danger Bay last summer and made a couple of routine trips to Duluth.”

Take my advice lad, watch and learn from Armstrong, he’s the best helmsman on the lake.”

Ringo, Cujo and Lighting heard the sound of an epic battle just ahead, the growling of a wolf, and the baying and snarling of a beagle. They charged towards the sound; but when they arrived they found…

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 18:

My apologies, Gentle Reader, I’m not yet ready to divulge what, exactly Ringo and company found when they arrived. Instead, we’ll go back several minutes…

Daisy was cornered and out of options and she knew this might be the end of her existence as a sentient cyber-critter. She also knew that no matter what, her real world Daisy-self was quite safe and probably taking a nap about now—blissfully unaware of the predicament of her cyber-self.

Just as the young wolf was about to strike, an idea occurred to her and she quickly cocked her head and said…

Boomer and Larry were searching the northern forest and thus far had seen no sign of Daisy. They slowed to nearly stall-speed in order to get a better look.

Dammit Larry, where are they?”

Are we in the right part of the forest?”

My ‘Daisy-sense’ tells me we are.”

Look ahead, I see movement!” Larry exclaimed.

They saw Ringo and company moving quickly and they changed course to the direction they were moving. There she was and she was fighting with a wolf.

Daisy was unbelievably calm as she spoke to the young wolf, “I know you!”

I am  Akecheta Apenimon

“I know you!”

The wolf paused in mid-strike, taken aback by this mere dog speaking to him.

You’re Hector, Ringo’s son,” Daisy arfed.

You know me, dog?”

I am Akecheta-Apenimon (Fighter-Worthy of Trust) CanineKnight of the Realm in the service of WolvenKing Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio (King-Eldest Son-Wise One Above) and you must be Buegonguig (Hole-in-the-Sky) youngest son of Ringo WolvenKing. Want to play?”

You are Daisy?” Hector was appalled with the knowledge he had attacked a Canine-knight and one who is close to his father, “I attacked you, yet you wish to play?”

Ringo, Cujo and Lighting arrived to find Daisy & Hector playing as mere puppy & cub just as Boomer and Larry flew overhead. “My son, we will talk—NOW!”

To be Continued…

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16 Responses to Ringo and company

  1. When I read “no, it doesn’t look like a big one to me” I thought you were sharing the Brett Favre here in Danger Bay!!


  2. I was laughing so hard (pardon the pun) I forgot VIDEO!!!


  3. chris shouse says:

    Wow that is great and we get a new wolf character:)


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ah, the power of play! 🙂


  5. daisylegs says:

    I am Akecheta-Apenimon (Fighter-Worthy of Trust) CanineKnight of the Realm! And a doggone smart pup! AR-ROOOOO!


  6. Chris Shouse says:

    Yes you are a smart put Daisy…very smart….
    Susie……..that was a stretch even for you!!! LOL


  7. boomerjack says:

    Wow…THREE comments! LOL! I’ll let whatshername reply to your comment. Yes, “SUSIE!!!” stretches it! 😀


  8. Sweet Woman says:

    Yeah! Daisy has friends everywhere 🙂 good pooch! :))


  9. I’m all caught up. Yes. 😀


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