He’s working with us


I am Akecheta-Apenimon (Fighter-Worthy of Trust) CanineKnight of the Realm in service of WolvenKing Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio (King-Eldest Son-Wise One Above) and you must be Buegonguig (Hole-in-the-Sky) youngest son or Ringo WolvenKing. Want to play?”

I am  Akecheta Apenimon

“I am Akecheta-Apenimon..."

You are Daisy?” Hector was appalled with the knowledge he had attacked a Canine-knight and one who is close to his father, “I attacked you, yet you wish to play?”

Ringo, Cujo and Lighting arrived to find Daisy & Hector playing as mere puppy & cub just as Boomer and Larry flew overhead. “My son, we will talk—NOW!”

Season VI, Chapter 1, Episode 19:

Hector knew he was in trouble, but was more concerned about his until now, forgotten fellow yearlings, “I know, Father, but what of the others?”

Daisy and Hector found

“I know, Father, but what of the others?”


They are being taken to PawZ for treatment, and later I will speak with them as well. Walk with me my son,” and turning to Cujo, “You showed great warrior skills Cujo, and mercy towards a vanquished foe, you as well, Lightning. From this day forward you will join Daisy as CanineKnights of the Realm.”

Circling above and satisfied all was well, Boomer & Larry simply looked across at one another, shrugged and flew off to beat-up a little sky before returning to the airfield.

Race you to 30,000 feet,” Boomer challenged, “Last one there buys the ale!”

Race you to 30,000 feet

“Last one there buys the ale!”


The chronicles do not tell of who won this race-beyond-the-clouds, oh, I know, Gentle Reader, I’m just not revealing—to save Yatter’s ego. Oops…

Aboard the Martin if you recall, Polanski, Johannson, Walker and Mildebank were making their plans, and the canines Raven, Ben, Alice and PepperCooper were taking turns listening in on their conversation. It turned out they were waiting to be contacted by a member of the crew and possibly a sixth person. They wondered if Wilson Smith (Todd McCoy) might be that person.

About all the dogs learned of any substance was that the “tools are hidden and ready when we need them…” and there was nothing further they could do until the last two people made themselves known.

They were meeting with McCoy, Marshal Blackmon and McCoy’s cabin mate…

You may speak freely,” McCoy said to the rather surprised canines, “He’s working with us.”

McCoy Marshal Blackmon and McCoy's cabin mate

“He's working with us.”


Ben growled, “You are kidding, right?”

To be Continued…

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12 Responses to He’s working with us

  1. This place has gone to the dogs… 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Grabbing [___]D and patting all the canines good morning!


  3. Stopped by for something to read…and COFFEE! 🙂


  4. Larry says:

    Saving Ego’s

    I was keeping the throttle at 65% to save your tale so that you would be here to write this one. 🙂


    • boomerjack says:

      Uh-HUH! Even with but one eye I can clearly see the larger Hellcat is a wing-span off the Mustang’s port side. Methinks you require Flutters’ “Pink diamond encrusted…” 😀


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    That is such a beautiful picture of Ringo, Hector, Daisy, Cujo and Lightening:) That was Big Al I saw was it not?


  6. sgtmajcarl says:

    Carl come lately to this post. I love the redrawn dogs and especially Ringo the wolf. 🙂


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